10 Reasons To Join The Smartwatch Revolution

The world is now moving towards an era of smartwatches. A few years ago, there was a lot of buzz about smartdevices that would work in tandem with your smartwatch and help make lives a little bit more wireless.

Top 10 Reasons To Join The Smartwatch Revolution

Last year saw an array of new smartwatches hit the market, and while some of them were truly revolutionary, there were some who passed into the the unending abyss of negligence. Be as it may, a smartwatch in general is a very good investment when it somes to gadgets.

Here are 10 reasons why you should invest in a smartwatch –

  • Convenience – The very first thing about smartwatches is that they are incredibly convenient. If you are in a sticky situation, and cannot really access your smartphone as quickly as you usually do, smartwatches act as ideal substitutes. You can check messages, set up calls, and now, some smartwatches even let you make calls through the watch itself ( LG G watch Urbane ). So,if you are one of those people who is a busy bee, a smart watch is just watch you need.
  • Affordable – Sure, the initial smartwatches were costly , but now, with the advent of so many mobile brands, you are spoilt for choice really, when it comes to picking a smartwatch. The pricing of smartwatches today is visibly lower than in the past, and we can owe this to the highly competitive market. The forecast is that , given a few more months, the pricing will go even lower as the big players will look to get a bigger share of the pie , in terms of smartwatch sales.
  • Functionality – The first ever smart-watch devices were used mainly as fitness trackers. But with the dawn of Smart Watch softwares, companies have been able to add a whole new range of functionality. You can now send texts, check notifications related to your social networks, schedule or even make calls, and the most cool feature in recent models – You can make payments as well.
  • All-Place connectivity – Smartphones are now a necessity in everyone’s life , from top CEOs to regular teens, everyone has a smartphone these days. While these pieces of tech help you accomplish any task with just a click of a button, there are some places where you simply can’t use you cell phone. One of those places is airplanes. As we all know, Airplanes prohibit passengers from using smartphones. You can even consider the meeting scenario, where you really can’t afford to check your phone every now and then . In such cases, smartwatches act as saviors in every sense of the word.
  • Save Time – Nowadays , we get all sorts of notifications, and we only end up wasting precious time when we do the entire cycle of events to check that notification and realise that it was just junk . Smart watches help you with that as well. What happens is, you smartwatch displays an alert every time your smartphone receives a notification. Depending on the sender, you can take a call as to whether or not the notification deserves your attention.
  • Saves Battery – Smart watches actually lead to an increase in your phone’s battery life. How? Its easy. The more your phone’s display remains on, the lesser the duration of its longevity through the day. With Smartwatches in play, the only time you will actually turn to your phone, is to check important alerts and attend calls.
  • Voice commands – The voice commands help you do a lot of tasks. Some of them are sending texts, updating your social status, booking movie tickets, get the daily weather, among many other things.
  • Stay Healthy – Smart watches were desgined, primarily for health apps, so people don’t have to check their smartphone’s screen to stay updated with their fitness report, and although the companies have put their own twists and add-ons to their smartwatches, their primary use will still be Fitness upkeep of the user.
  • Discreet – This advantage directly points to today’s youth, who have to keep checking their 5 inch + smart phones every 5 minutes. Imagine how easy life would be if just a glance at your watch would tell you all you need to know in a flash.
  • Upgrade and customise – Smartwatches may have their technical advantages, but that does not mean they don’t increase your fashion quotient. You can customise your smartwatch to your liking by choosing one out of many available watch bands. You also have an option to change your watch face to your liking.

All in all, smartwatches are versatile in every sense , and its no doubt that everyone should make place for one in their bucket lists.

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