10 Tips To Stop Wasting Time on Facebook [Infographic]

Nowadays, everyone on Facebook from small kids to even our grandparents. We spend too much time on facebook, in free time whenever we don’t have to do anything, we go on facebook and scrolling down the news feeds. If we are in home or outside, we always check facebook notifications, feeds in every 5-10 Minutes. We have become so addicted to facebook that we don’t even realise how much time we have wasted & still wasting on this social media channels. I’m not saying or blaming on social media channels are not good. These social media channels are good only for a particular time like for productive work and entertainment, if you’re using for long hours, you will get addicted to that particular social media website. And we all know that any addiction is bad for us and also for our health.

10 Tips To Stop Wasting Time on Facebook

We daily log into our laptop or PC & firstly open browser new tab and we press our first keyboard button is “f” Facebook. Because we have become so addicted to it as I earlier mentioned. Facebook is good it connects to our friends, families and with loved ones. We can chat with them anytime anywhere, make video calls like & comment their status, photos & other updates. These are the advantages, but there are also disadvantages. Disadvantages as I mentioned above “addiction” we use for long hours and nowadays most of the people send friend request strangers and chat with them for hours without knowing who they’re and where do they belong to. And also there are the lots of fake Facebook profiles sending friend requests for fun. It’s fine to use Facebook for any work, educational purposes, entertainment, but we should try to stop this addiction. Now the time has come when we need to realize that we can do much better things in our free time then to browse Facebook news feed or the timeline.

So, to get rid of distractions and addiction we have a very beneficial infographic for everyone, telling us 10 most practical tips to stop wasting your valuable time on Facebook. If you are a parent then you can use these tips to save your children’s beneficial time.

Credits: carlcheo.com

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