5 Best Audio & Music Apps for Android & iPhone in 2015

Everyone loves to listen music. Music is an integral part of our life. You can see people around you listening music on their mobiles. Because it is just one of the best way to refresh yourself from your frantic life while travelling all around the world. If it is the season of love or sadness, music plays its crucial role in all weathers. If you’re feeling low or you’re feeling out of the world, music adds colors to our moods. Even music can bring different people together.

5 Best Audio & Music Apps for Android & iPhone in 2015

All credit goes to smartphones & tablets that keeps you connected with your favourite music & songs by which you can listen and enjoy your favorite music anytime & anywhere.There are tons of music apps available in Google Play Store & App Store. So if you are looking for best music app, then you don’t have to worry about that because we have complied a list of best music streaming apps of 2015 for your smartphone.

1. Spotify

First one “Spotify”. Spotify is the best music app that offers online streaming music not only on smartphone and tablets but also for laptops & desktops. You can listen all your favorite tracks, artists, albums, genres and playlists. Also You can create your own playlist of favorite songs. Amazing sound quality, shuffle mode & many more features. You can also download music for offline listening. And best thing about this app is you can enjoy your track without annoying ads.


2. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the best app to listen music and songs for free. You can explore trending music & songs feeds easily. You can also browse tracks by genre, albums, playlist & also other users. SoundCloud provides a lockscreen feature of play, pause & skip tracks. The good thing about this app is you can create your own playlist + record your sounds & can share it with followers, on social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr.

SoundCloud App

3. Pandora

Pandora is one of the best app to enjoy free & effortless songs on your smartphone. You can create your own radio stations with the music/songs you love & limit for free account is  up to 100 radio stations which is more than enough. You just start with the name of your favourite tracks, albums, artists, composers, genres & the rest will Pandora do for you. You can enjoy the whole world of music with endless songs & popular recording old, new, & well-known. You can explore thounsands of music & comedy genre stations with Pandora.


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4. Shazam

Shazam is yet another best audio & music app for Android and iPhone. This app allows you to listen to full tracks with Spotify, Rdio or Deezer & also to create a playlist of your own tracks. Shazam allows you to identify the tracks that you want to listen, music that to want to tag or share or even you can buy with just the simple tap. You can also use this app with Smart TV and can watch your favourite TV shows for soundtracks, casts & many more.


5. Xbox Music

Xbox Music is one of the most robust music streaming services that provides access to millions of songs on your Android phone, tablets, iPhone,Windows and Xbox. This app allows you to add tracks, playlist and albums to your Xbox music collection. You can find new tracks, albums along with listening to your favorite music.

xbox music app

So these were the 5 Best Audio & Music Apps for Android & iPhone in 2015. What’s your opinion? Have you ever used this apps before? Do share your views with us. And If you have any further queries or questions to be asked on this article, feel free to ask. We would like to interact with you regarding your queries and questions. Your suggestions and feedback are always welcomed.

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