7 Reasons your Smartphone Battery is Charging Slowly and How to Fix them

Nowadays every person has their personal smartphones. There are many problems about the smartphones but the one which is most common is the slow battery charging. All my friends and family those who have their own smartphone always complain about this problem. So in this article, I’m going to tell 7 reasons of slow battery charging in smartphones and how they can fix easily


7 reasons why your Smartphone battery is charging slowly and how to fix them

Following are the 7 reason why there is slow battery charging in smartphones and how they can be fixed.

#1. Using phone while charging

Using phone while charging

When we charge our phone many of the people have the habit of using the phone while charging because of which the phone charge slow and it may affect health also. The best option for charging the phone fast is switch off your phone and charge your phone.

#2. Running of background apps

Whenever we use our smartphone at that time we always run different apps simultaneously at the same time. There are many apps in our smartphone and we always want to download other new apps from play stores. Some of the apps like Twitter, Facebook, etc. are running in the background even if the phone is locked. So make sure that every time when you keep your phone for charging then there are no apps running in the background.

#3. Notification Bar (Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, etc)

Notification Bar

There are many option/facilities in our new generation smartphone like notification bar. On notification bar, there are many quick use options which we use regularly like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Settings, Data Connection, etc. When we use them, many time we forget to turn off the options and keep our phone for charging. These options consume battery because of which phone charge very slowly. For faster charging as I told to switch off your smartphone and charge the phone.

#4. Bad Charging Adapters

There are many universal adapters in the market right now and many of us use these universal adapters to charge our smartphones instead of the original charger. Because of which the phone will charge very slowly. The universal adapter should only be used in the emergency purpose. In case, if your original phone charged is damaged or out of gear due to any purpose. The universal adapter should not be used daily because it can even harm the battery and battery life of the phone. If your original charger is damaged you should buy a new charger from the company’s store or service center.

#5. Weak Power Source

Always use the original charger which is given with the smartphone. Sometimes we charge our mobile by our laptop or personal computer because of which the charging of the phone is done slowly. The appliance like power bank should be used in the emergency purpose or in the case when we are travelling somewhere. At that time, we don’t have any option rather than charging the phone from power bank. Charging your smartphone from your laptop, personal computer or power bank should be your second option. But keep in mind that we must charge our phone by the original charger.

#6. Bad Battery

Bad Battery

If you think your phone is charging very slowly these may be many reasons like your phone must be very old because of which your phone’s battery life is short and it faces problem while charging. Nowadays many people who buy new smartphones also get the phone which has defected battery. So whenever you get your new smartphone always check your phone’s battery whether is in good condition.

#7. Obstructed USB Port

smartphone usb port

Even after fixing all these issues mentioned above the battery is charging slowly. Switch off your phone and charge it and even after that the phone is charged very slowly, then it is clear that the USB port through which we charge our phone it is damaged. And it should only be fixed by the mobile hardware professionals stores. But I will suggest you to visit the service center and fix/repair the problem.

» Conclusion

For charging the phone fast always switch-off the device and charge it. Always know the problem which your battery has and fix it as early as possible. If you’re a heavy apps user or game then Restart your device once in a day if you are not happy with your device battery power performance and you want a much better phone with more much better power performance. Then, I will suggest you purchase the phone which has 3000 mAH.

These were all about how to charge your phone fast. If you liked this article then consider sharing this post with your friends and circles. And If you have any further queries or questions to be asked on this article, feel free to ask. We would like to interact with you regarding your queries and questions. Your suggestions and feedback are always welcomed.

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