All Common Google Play Store Errors Fixed

All Common Google Play Store Errors Fixed

The google Play Store is the crowned jewel of all Android users, as it gives them access to the largest array of apps in the world. Its a known fact that the Play Store did come into being after the Apple App Store, but that didn’t stop it from overtaking the latter in a short span of time. Another point that drew the people to Android was the sheer amount of apps that were made free on the Play Store , while the same would cost you money on the Apple App Store. While this is all nice and sweet, the Play Store is not a perpetual application and every once in a while , users encounter errors while downloading their  favourite apps. In this article , I will try and address every major error there is on the Play Store, and give you adequate solutions on how to fix them as well.

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Without further ado, lets  get started –

  • Google Play Store Error 491 – This error doesn’t allow the user to download or update an application.Solution – Remove your Google Account from your device and restart the same. Once the device reboots, add your Google account once again. After that, head to Settings –> Application Manager –>Google Service and click Force Stop.
  • Google Play Store Error 413 – this error also is like the previous as it doesn’t allow users to download or update an app.Solution – Follow the same procedure as that for the aforementioned Error 491. Also, make sure your clear cache from your internet browser.
  • Google Play Store Error 403 – Any request to download or update an applications is forbidden. You will find this error when there are more than two Google accounts on the same device.Solution – Go to Google play and recheck your account details. Once you are certain that all given details are true, re-download the app.
  • Google Play Store Error 495 – This error prevents the user from downloading apps and games form the Play Store.Solution – Erase all data from Google Play and Google Services Framework by going to Settings — > Application Manager –> Google Play and Google Service . Once the data is erased, remove your Google account from the device, reboot the device and re-enter the Google account details.
  • Google Play Store Error 498 – Your App download gets interrupted due to the app being of a larger size than the cache partition.Solution – Delete all unnecessary file and applications form your device to ease u some space. After that, reboot your device in recovery mode and clear the cache. Reboot your device and try to re download the app.
  • Google Play Store Error 492 – App download gets rejected due to Dalvic Cache.Solution – First erase all data fro, Google Store and Services. If that doesn’t work, your only alternative is to clear Dalvic Cache. To do this, reboot your device into recovery mode and then select clear Dalvick Cache Option. In case your device is not rooted, you will have to do a factory reset. Ve careful, as a factory reset will delete ALL data from your device. Make sure you backup your data first.
  • Google Play Store Error 919 – App doesn’t open after download. This happen due to insufficient space on your device.Solution – Delete all unwanted files and applications.
  • Google Play Store Error 920 – The App you wish to acquire doesn’t get downloaded.Solution – First of all, try switching off your WiFi and switching it back on. Then try and download the app. If it doesn’t work, then try removing your Google account and reboot your device. Re-enter your Google account and install the app. If it still doesn’t work, then go for the Dalvic cache method given above.
  • Google Play Store error 921 – Application not downloaded.Solution – Delete the cache of the Google Play Store. If it doesn’t work, then reset the Play Store App, by deleting all settings related to the Play Store App by using the Application manager. If that doesn’t work as well, then try removing and re-entering the Google Account.
  • Google Play Store Error 923 – Syncing error or insufficient cacheSolution – Remove your Google Account. Reboot your device into recovery and clear cache and dclvic cache. Reboot your device and Re-Enter your Google Account. try and re-download the app.
  • Google Play Store Error 927 – App not downloaded because an update of Play Store is running.Solution – Just wait for the Play Store to upgrade and then re-download the app.

These are all common Play Store errors and their respective solutions . Hope you found this Article useful. Stay tuned for more right here.

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