Android 5.1 – All You Need To Know

Android 5.1 - Features

Android stepped up with their new Android 5.0 Lollipop release, and its now arguably, the best Android version yet. However, I do remember at the time of the release, Google had mentioned that the OS is not yet complete, and that Android plans to first release the OS and let people in on the new OS, and then follow up with subsequent fixes. The first of those has now started seeding in the form of Android 5.1. First of all, Android 5.1 is NOT a new OS. Its just a new iteration  of 5.0, with a host of new features and bug fixes to give you a more stable experience ( If it isn’t stable enough already ). Have fun with Avatars on Android

Lets take a look at some of the major changes in the 5.1 version –

  • Interruption  – Android 5.1 comes with a new Interruption setting mode, where you can now choose to keep your notifications off till your alarm goes off. Earlier you had only two options, that is, you could either turn off notifications indefinitely or set the number hours you wished to remain undisturbed. But now, you can go one step further and decide the exact time as well.


  • Screen Pinning  – One of the most niftiest of features in Android 5.1 is screen pinning. Basically when you need to give your device to a friend or relative, you  can use the screen pinning feature to keep the device secure. What screen pinning does is that it locks your device into an app or a folder of your choice, and in order to gain full access to your phone, the friend or relative, needs to know the unique passcode that you have set. If you haven’t used screen pinning yet, I think you should start right away.


  • Security – Android 5.1 brings to the table, an all new security feature. The new feature hopes to assist users in case their device is stolen. The way it works is this – In case you phone is stolen, and the thief decides to factory reset your device and make it his own, he won’t be able to. This is because, the moment he factory resets your device, he will only be able to use it if he has your Gmail Login details. Pretty sleek. <


  • Improved Quick Settings – Google has also given a slight modification to the quick settings panel. Now, in case you want to connect to a new WiFi connection , you don’t have to run the hassle of going to settigns and then browsing for available networks. The new panel comes with drop down arrows right next to WiFi and Bluetooth as well, so you can carry out your tasks faster than before.


Well, these  are the highlight features that ship with the new Android 5.1 update. As of now, Android One devices and the Nexus lineup has received the update. I am guessing Motorola has also started seeding the update in a few areas. Its only a matter of time before the others get the update as well.

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