Android M has arrived – Here’re the Top New Features

Every year Google conduct their I/O conference in which they announce their important products. This year google launched its photo saving app along with Android Service Brillo and the Android 6.0 OS. Yes, Android M operating system. Google launched developer preview of Android 6.0 aka Android M. I know this news is viral on the web on social media, So I’m not making you aware of this news instead of taking much of your’s time, I’m just going to share some of the awesome and new features of this latest version of Android OS, the Android M.

All the New Features of Android M

1. Fingerprint Sensor Support

We know that Apple’s operating system iOS already comes with fingerprint sensor but now Android operating-system also integrated with fingerprint sensor technology. Currently only some smartphones like HTC One M9, Samsung Galaxy S6 etc. have fingerprint scanner. But, now Google launched Android M with fingerprint sensor so there are chances to have this feature in low-budget Android smartphones too.

2. Mobile Payments – Android Pay

With this new version of Android OS Google added its own mobile payment system – the Android Pay. Now you might thinking that Google copied it from Apple Pay but truly Android Pay has much more different from Apple Pay. Android Pay also work with Near Field Communications (NFC) just like as Apple Pay.

3. Google Now – Now on Tap

If you are using Google Now in your smartphone then you will find many improvements in new version. In this new version of Google Now will answer your questions also. Google Now will activate quickly by just tapping on Home page. You can also upload photos direct in Google Now.

4. Reversible USB C Ports

Apple has already launched the feature of reversible USB C ports for Macbook & now Google also came its new Android 6.0 with USB C ports support feature. Now, all smartphones with Android M OS will support reversible USB C ports. USB C ports is equal from both sides, means you can insert your device from any side.

5. App permissions

Application permissions are rebuild in Android M OS. Application permissions means, popups will flash in the right reference & allows users grant permissions for specific features. In Android 6.0 OS, it is improved that how applications handle permissions, with applications now prompting requests for permissions when running.

Besides, we can manage all their application permissions in settings. The google has advised their developers to design their apps in a way that they prompt permission requests in context & even account for permissions that are not granted.

6. Better Battery Life

With new Android M operating system, Google enhanced the battery life. In conference they claimed that battery life of all Android 6.0 aka Android M devices will be better than ever before. Besides, you don’t have to worry about charging issues, they also updated new fast charging features in Android M.

So these was all about new Android 6.0 aka Android M cool and new features. Is there any other feature that you heard about Android M and didn’t find here? then Let me know via comments!


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