Best File Explorer or File Manager for Android Devices

One of the good thing about Android Operating System has more device freedom than others mobile OS. Android OS Allows users to access their device as a mass storage. Every Android mobiles and tablets has comes with a built-in file explorer or file manager which is not very impressive and flexible, it allows users to do some basic tasks like Move, Copy, Paste, Delete, Rename, etc. but the built-in android file explorer does not allows users to do advance task that offered by third party android file explorer or file manager for android.

Best File Explorer or File Manager for Android Devices

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There are lots of benefits of having third-party android file manager, for example If you want change file extension on your android device or  want to access your device system file even if you want to access WhatsApp image and video folder on BlueStacks then need the help of a good third party android file explorer or file manager app. And Obviously everyone’s want  Application interface should be good design & user-friendly. So if you are searching for well designed, user-friendly Best Android File Manager or File Explorer Apps, then you are at right place. Here we will provide a list of Best File Manger Apps for Android Devices some of them are paid and some are free.

ES File Explorer (Free)

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ES File ExplorerES File Explorer is the best file manager available for android devices with over 300 Million global downloads. ES File Explorer with great user interface also provides lots of features like Multiple Select, Move, Cut/Copy/Paste, Create, Rename, Delete, Share, Search, Hide, Send etc. One of the best features of this app is “Remote File Manager” after enabling this feature, you can manage your files on your mobile from computer. In ES File Explorer App, their built-in ZIP and RAR support allow you to compress and decompress ZIP & RAR files. This App supports a number of languages & even supports Android versions 1.5 & up.


Root Explorer (Paid)

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Root ExplorerRoot Explorer is the best file manager application for Rooted Android Devices. This app allows users to access the whole Android OS files including exclusive data folders. It has lots of features SQLite database viewer, Multi tabs, Text editor, extract RAR files, create and extract ZIP or tar/gzip files, multi-select, send files (via Bluetooth, email etc), image thumbnails, execute script and more. There are crucial two options you’ll find “Mount as R/O” and “Mount as R/W”, if you want to customize the Android OS files then you’ve to switch to “Mount as R/W”. Although it’s a paid android file explorer but it’s worth to invest money on it. And If you’re not happy with the Root Explorer app just email to them within 24 hours and you can have a refund.

Solid Explorer File Manager (Paid)

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Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer File Manager is one of the popular file manager app for android devices. It has an attractive user interface and lots of features. It has two-panel design is perfect for large tablets and devices which make file transfer easily between various locations. It also supports cloud storage clients. With this app, you can create password protected ZIP archives & TAR archive.

Solid Explorer File Manager is paid App but before purchasing you can use it for free because this app available for 14 days free trial. After 14 days free trial you’ve to buy this file manager but first make sure you are fully satisfied with the app.

X-Plore File Manager (Free)

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X-plore File ManagerX-plore File Manager is another best file manager app. X-plore File Manager app very easy to use file manager app available for android. This app allows user to access SQlite database, cloud storage, Picasa etc. It has Disk map features which helps to know which files consume most space. It also supports RAR ZIP and 7ZIP archives. X-plore file manager app has the dual-panel tree view which allows users to view two folders at once and with the help of dual panel you can transfer or move a file from one location to another very easily. With this app you can also share files with other devices using Wi-Fi.

ASTRO File Manager with Cloud (Free)

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ASTRO File ManagerASTRO File Manager is yet another best file manager app for android which gives the user to organize and manage files regardless of where are stored. ASTRO File Manager is a free android file manager. ASTRO File Manager has most robust technology which helps to find any file that you want from any location in your android device. ASTRO File Manager has a unique feature called “CLOUD HOPPING (TM)” which helps users to move files from one cloud storage to another in a single copy-paste. It supports all cloud services.

These are the best file explorer/file manager available for android to perform a special task. I think these five are best android file manager applications, but everyone has different views and needs. So it’s up to you that which file manager app you’ll choose for your device and also don’t hesitate to try any other file manager app. If you got any other best file manager apps for your android phones or tablets then let us know we’ll update it in our list.

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