Best Keylogger programs to monitor your Computer

Top 5 Free Keylogger Programs For Windows 8, 7, Vista And XP

Computer security is one of the biggest issues these days with so many hackers on the loose. But its not just the hackers who trouble the common man, your computer data is at risk from household sources as well. If you have a kid in the house who doesn’t really know his way around a computer then you run a big risk of losing data sometimes .Again, data loss is not the only problem. Youth these days get into all sorts of trouble these days with the presence of so many misleading and dirty websites these days, and its imperative that they don’t get addicted to such websites. One way to monitor their activity on your computer is track their keystrokes, they won’t even see it coming, and you will know exactly what they have been doing on the system all this time.

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How exactly can you track the keystrokes of a person who uses your computer ?

The answer is – Keylogger program.

A Keylogger is a program that saves every keystroke that has been registered onto your system and gives you a detailed report of everything that has been typed on your system. In this article, I will tell you about some of the best keylogger programs that you can use.

Lets get started –

  • REFOG Keylogger – This is arguably the best keylogger application available in the market right now. It records all the keystrokes that are registered on your system, while also recording browsing history and taking occasional screenshots as well. All in all, this keylogger program is a complete package.REFOG Keylogger
  • KidLogger – This is another efficient keylogger program. Much like the REFOG program, the KidLogger application also scans keystrokes, saves browsing history, and also captures occasional screenshots. The best part about this aplication is that it is available on almost all major operating systems in the market today. The program comes in both Free and Paid flavors, so everyone is taken care of.
  • Home Keylogger – This is what I would call, a no- nonsense keylogger software. It remains in stealth mode all the time and records all activity on the computer system. The entire software is free of cost and requires bare minimum configuration to run. It also supports older Windows versions like Windows 95,98 and XP.Home Keylogger
  • Spyrix Keylogger – This is yet another no-nonsense keylogger software, which also runs in stealth mode during its operation. It records all the activity on the system , and can also be controlled via your smartphone or Tablet device. Whats more, if you feel that you don’t require the application anymore, you can even remotely uninstall the software. Spyrix Keylogger
  • Revealer Keylogger software – This is yet another efficient keylogger program which runs on the aforementioned stealth mode background. it records every minute activity that happens on your device and also offers password protection in order to prevent other people away from opening the program. You can monitor your system remotely as well, and also get insights on your computer usage. The program also comes in both Free and Paid flavours.Revealer Keylogger software

This is all about the best keylogger programs available in the market. Hope you found this article Useful. Stay tuned for more such articles right here.

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