Best Movie Making Apps for iPhone and iPad

Smartphones are not only changing the way of our watching films, but also the way we make them. Everyone loves to watch movies for entertainments and you may have seen movies that winning great awards at various award shows/functions for their great story lines & great shows. Presently, there is a great deal of smartphone applications out there that can be used to shoot movies on your iOS devices. Such applications allows users to make videos & edit them to produce HD quality films.

Best Movie Making Apps for iPhone and iPad

Some apps are free & few are paid but those apps are worth to pay for, if you are one who like to make & edit excellent movies on the go. These apps help to increase the knowledge of the students since they have to write tale & come up with a flowing story lines that are essential for making a movie. So this makes them fine story tellers too. Take a look and pick one for you which is best as per your need.

Best Movie Making Apps for iPhone and iPad

1) iMotion HD 


iMotion HD app is best for kids since it uses still photos for combining. With this app, you can create a slow motion film, like using action figures, or a time lapse,taking photos of a plant growing or as the sun sets. It has more best features such as adding audio clips to your videos or export features like uploading your videos directly to YouTube.

2) iMovie


This app helps to edit videos taken using your iOS device to provide professional high quality & HD videos. You can also download free movies for iPhone & edit them using this app. iMovie app has templates & built in themes that help to create movie trailers just like the Hollywood & Bollywood movies. iMovie allows user to add music, you can easily crop the length of your videos & add titles in your movies as you apply various video effects like slow motion. And last one you can upload your videos to the social sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo.

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3) Vizzywig

VIzzywig 8HD

This is an expensive movie making app available in App Store but one of the best in the market. Vizzywig is mostly used by professionals but can also be used by beginners/newbies. You can easily shoot, make, edit & your movies due to its numerous movie creation features that it has. Some of the features of Vizzwig has include changing from the primary to secondary camera while in the process of recording, also taking pictures while recording, and many more professional shooting tools & advanced features that are helpful in video editing.

4) Magisto Magical Video Editor

Magisto Magical Video Editor

This app is a free application available in the App Store. Magisto Magical Video Editor is one of the best free movie making app in app store, with some unique features & tools compared to others apps. It automatically edits your images and videos, adding audio files & some other effects. You can easily make your films & save your time with using this feature. It also has best tools that allow you to crop & edit the best sections of your film, add different effects such as filtering, transitions & slow motion and plus face recognition technology. 

So these were few of the best movie making apps for your iOS device. Try any one of them & I am sure you would enjoy using it. If you know any other movie making apps which you think are best movie making apps than you can tell me in comments section below.

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