Best Teen Friendly Gadgets

Top 10 Best Tech Gadgets for Your Teenager Kid

The most avid users of the latest tech gadgets these days are teenagers. While it may be true that the most predominantly used gadget is the smartphone, but there a lot of other pieces of tech which you can say have been designed with the youth in mind. Here is a list of the best Teen Friendly Gadgets –

3D- Hologram set

Holograms have enthralled the crowds for decades, with appearances in almost every Sci-Fi film. But now, even you can own a hologram set. Whats amazing about this gadget is that it creates a hologram of almost anything you put into it. SO the next time you want to do some showing off, make sure you own one of these. Impression Guaranteed.3D Hologram set

Greek Pens

These are not your everyday run of the mill pens. They have become a rage after their various appearances in movies and television . The speciality of these pens is thay they feature a sand timer, Stylus, UV light and laser for the people who like to have some good old fashioned fun.Greek-Pens-

Perplexus 3D challenge

PErplexus has come up with a 3D sphere which is composed of several connective parts. The User must solve the puzzle by rotating the sphere. This gadget is a must have for those who are travel buffs. This puzzle can keep you occupied for hours on end.Superplexus

iPad Mini

This is probably the most future proff gift that you can give your teenager. This piece of tech will get every task done in practically no time. Though the pricing might be a little above budget, but trust me, one of these in your hands, and all your work is done in a flash.Apple-iPad-mini-2


Yes, there may not be much of a difference between this and the previous option, but amongst the two, this is the more economical option. Tablets encompass the entire array of tablet devices available in the market.Tablets


The world’s most popular music player is a rage among teenagers who absolutely live on music. Just imagine , you can store more than 2000 songs in your pocket. Not just that, some of the upper end variants of the ipod, like the iPod Touch, can even play HD videos, take pictures, and also run some of the most popular apps as well, all in your pocket.ipod-touch


If there’s one thing that describes today’s teen, its headphones. We see a lot of headphones these days, with varied designs and some very exciting features. This is a must have for all teenagers these days.Ear-Interchangeable-Headphones


The Photography bug has infected a lot of teens these days, and with the availablility of the various image editors in the market, a camera as a gift to your teenager wouldn’t go

Smart Watch

The latest piece of tech to hit the market, smartwatches are definitely here to stay, and makes an amazing gift for the tech crazy teens. Must Check : 10 Reasons To Join The Smartwatch Revolution



At $49.95 a piece, this makes for an amazing gift for your teen. What this gadget does is , it actually teaches your child about robotics and what goes into making robots, and the impact that robotics has on the future. blocks_desktop_medium

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