Best ways to earn online – Instructions and Tips

Best ways to earn online - Instructions and Tips
Earning online is a fad these days, with many youngsters eager to get their hands on some quick cash in order to get through their petty expenses. There quite a few ways to get around this, but there are some which yield results quicker than the rest. In this article, I will be sharing not one, not two, but twenty different ways you can make money online. Don’t worry, each and every alternative here is completely legal, so keep that doubt out of your head.

Let’s get started –

  • Blogging – Blogging is an effective way to express what you are feeling at that point of time, by writing it down. Essentially, Blogs are like online diaries, where you can write just about anything, and save it for as long as you want. There are some people, however, who use blogs to write new ideas, review gadgets, comment on their favorite sports, etc. In such cases, the blog can be shared online to a host of different sites, and once you build a stable audience, you can opt to place ads on the blog in order to monetise it. There are several ad services you can opt for, but I will get to that later. The thing with ads is that you earn every time someone clicks on those ads.  It’s a good way to earn easy, but be warned, if you are found to be clicking ads on your own blog, you will instantly get banned from using that ad service.
  • Google Adsense – Google Adsense is one of the most popular ad services for blogs and websites. If your Blog/Website has passed the arduous Google verification process as described on the Adsense website, then you can start placing Ads approved by Adsense on your Blog/Website.
  • Amazon Associates – Amazon is currently the most successful E-retail Brand in the world, and to celebrate their success, they have introduced the Amazon Associate Program. By signing up, you will be allowed to place an widget on your Website/Blog, and you will earn everytime someone makes a purchase on Amazon through your widget. The advantage of this program is that you don’t really require a high traffic to earn. All you need is purchases made through the widget.
  • Ebay – Ebay has been popular thus far, as a sell/buy website. I said sell first because, Ebay was and is still used primarily to sell items, and that’s why eBay offers you a very good price for it.
  • Website Building – Website Building can fetch you good money, but it takes a while before the cash starts trickling in. Website Building may not be a Herculean Task, but it is not a piece of cake either. While getting a platform for your website is easy, with the most prominent being Blogger, WordPress, HostGator, and GoDaddy, it is the content which makes people break a sweat. Getting a Website means, you have to keep it updated, with new content at a regular pace. Once that is sorted out, money won’t be a problem.
  • T-Shirt Designing – This is for the artistic lot out there. T-Shirt designing has been picking up some traction in terms of earning money. If you have good T-Shirt designs in mind and want to earn through it, check out sites like SpreadShirt and CafePress. These sites allow you to set up your own shop online, where you can put up T-shirt designs and earn for every purchase.
  • Freelancing – You can call a freelancing and advanced form of blogging. When you write for your own blog there is no restriction on language and writing style, but when you decide to freelance for another company or Website, you need to be at your Literary best. Freelancing also requires to have in-depth knowledge of the topics you wish to write about. So, if this is your thing, I would suggest you to start sharpening your writing skills and knowledge base ride away.Freelancer , Elance ,Guru, Odesk
  • SEO – SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which means, improving search results to reflect the most relevant data to the User based on his search phrase. How do you earn in this area? Well, you sign up to become a contract SEO reviewer. Basically, you have to go through the target website and analyse the word combination and the overall traffic on the website, and take a call as to how relevant the website is according to common searches based on the topics handled by the website. The catch here is that, although the income is steady, the job requires more from you than just reviewing. First of all, you need to run a valid Antivirus software on the target website to see if the website is a legitimate one or a malware heaven. You also have to be willing to take up the SEO review of any genre of Blog/ Website, which sometimes include sensitive topics like Pornography. So overall, it’s a big risk compared to the money you end up making.
  • Pay Per Download ( PPD ) – Here, you get to earn by sharing and uploading Files online. Once you share a particular file, the host site ( FileIce,, etc) generate a link for that download, and you earn for the number of clicks that particular link receives.
  • Click and Earn – This is one avenue where all you require to earn is time and patience. The drill is as follows. Click on the add – Answer a Question – Wait for a few seconds – Get paid. As simple as that. Check out –Clixsense 
  • Link Sharing – If you don’t get the green signal from Google Adsense, or if you are finding the Amazon Associates plan, not up to the mark, then you can go ahead and try this – Visit Rakuten Link Share, where you can get custom ad links issued to you for free. The ad links include popular brands like Starbucks, iTunes, Walmart, etc. If nothing else, this program allows you to discover smaller brands, region specific brands and much more.
  • Klout – This is yet another no-nonsense way to earn freebies. All you have to do is sign into Klout, and it analyses your social presence on various social networking sites and depending on the amount and kind of traffic you attract, Klout presents you with small gift, offers, vouchers, etc
  • Online Tutions – Online Tuition, according to me is the most difficult way to learn of the lot. First, you need to sign up to various tutor providers, then undergo a background check, and if you clear that, then you need to answer a test based on the subject you wish to teach, and even after all this, all you can do is wait for someone to contact you for your services. There are some websites which take care of the promotion part of the deal, but there’s no way you can skip the background tests and examination.
  • Mturk – This site basically offers a lot of different jobs in various areas. You can pick anything from identifying inappropriate web content, to transcribing Audio tracks, to basic data entry work.
  • Content Writing  – This field requires you to have good English skills and some good knowledge about your topic of interest. There are websites out there who offer to pay you in return for some quality articles.
  • Affiliating or Reselling – If you are one of those people who has the knack of marketing, then you should try your hand at this. All you have to do here is to sell every product you promote. You don’t have to own the product though. You basically have to sign up for affiliate programs offered by a host of different websites, and once you are on, start selling.
  • Buying and Selling Domains – This is again like the previous option. You can buy a domain at the retail price or even lower, and sell them at a profit. But before you sell them, do some research on the hot selling domain names, so you end up getting a good decent profit. sedo, afternic, ebay
  • GPT ( Get-Paid-To ) – GPT sites are becoming quite a rage among the youngsters these days, who have no particular skill set and a lot of time. What happens here is that you get paid to sign up to free Websites, Newsletters, playing games, filling out surveys, among other things. Filling out online Surveys is the cake walk, but just make sure the Website you visit for the survey is indeed legitimate, or you can risk losing personal data, and online security.Contests2win
  • Making Themes – If you are a decent programmer, then Making themes is your thing. Blogging sites like Blogspot and WordPress are the ‘In’ thing these days and every blogger would love his blog to look different and cooler than the rest. This is where you come in. All you need to do is sign up to Theme Websites and Submit Themes made by you. Remember, the more features you put into your theme, and the more fluid it is, the better is its pricing.
  • YouTube – YouTube is the largest video Archive in the world, with millions of videos being added every day. If you are not camera shy, then you can become a Youtuber, and earn in the process. Just upload a video, and Upload them on your Youtube Page. You will earn from the ads displayed alongside your videos. So, more the traffic the better..

So here they are, Twenty legal ways to make money online. If you find this interesting, or if you have any suggestions/ feedback , comment in the comment section below.

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