Bitdefender Antivirus 2015 – The Silent Killer

Tushar Patil
Bitdefender Antivirus 2015

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On May 11, 2015
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The advent of the PC can be considered as an event that would change the life of man forever. In an age when the concept of task automation was but a distant dream, the PC came in and cut that distance to zero. Through the decades, the PC has undergone monumental changes, be it design-wise, feature-wise or anything else under the sun. While the age old Pcs only performed simple calculations, the PCs of today can do everything imaginable. Everything from making a beautiful piece of art to buying something as small as a paintbrush, everything can be done with the click of a button.

Bitdefender Antivirus 2015 - The Silent Killer

This advancement however, came at a price. As long as there was no well defined software available for PCs, they were safe. But the moment we got the taste of something called an Operating System, all hell broke loose. Among us there are some people who excel at the art of computer programming, and they are more than capable of finding minuscule cracks in the wall of the OS and use it against all of Humanity. This process has now been given a name – Hacking.

At first, hacking was limited to making unwanted changes to the OS and mess up the average man’s life, but now, it too has evolved like the PC. A hacker today, can cause more trouble in his pyjamas than a militant can do with his entire arsenal. There is no limit to the havoc that these hackers can cause. While physically avoiding them is next to impossible due to their anonymity, we can take measures to make sure our PC and for that matter, even our mobile devices are safe from their watch, by using the best antivirus we can find. For those who don’t know, a virus is a small piece of computer code, which can cause unwanted changes to your system, and yes, the hackers are to blame for these as well.

Coming back to antivirus software, it’s imperative that you choose one which not only rids your PC of any Virus , but also keeps your PC safe from encountering any more of them in the future. To be honest, the market is full of companies claiming to have the best antivirus in the market, and they may be right in their own respect, but as they say – The one who talks off the least is usually the best. The reason these ‘ Top companies ‘ advertise their products to the limit is because , somewhere inside, they know there are faults, but since the software is out, they must make sure they get their predicted returns. Bitdefender Antivirus believes in responding through performance, and has made products that cater to the many needs of internet users.

Bitdefender Antivirus 2015 - Review

Names like AVG, Norton, F-secure, etc have become synonymous with antivirus software due to their ‘up-to-the-brim’ advertising, but what people don’t realise is that there is a silent warrior out there who packs the heaviest punch in terms of PC protection.

I you want to know why am I gushing so much about the Bitdefender, just read on.

The folks at Bitdefender believe in one Mantra – Best Protection, Zero Impact on Performance. This mantra reflects in each and every product they release. Their antivirus software would be the ideal example.

First up, in my entire experience of doing reviews, I have noticed that the accolades earned by the software/device gets the person to actually take a look at the product, and trust me when I tell you, the moment you see the accolades Bitdefender Antivirus has earned, not only will you look this software up on your browsers, you will even end up going for it as well.

Here is a quick list of the various accolades earned by the Bitdefender software –

  • Voted Product of the year by PC MAG 3 years in a row
  • GOLD Award for Fastest System Speed in Jan 2015
  • Product of the year 2015 by AV Comparatives

Now that we have the accolades out of the way, let’s take a look at what this antivirus software packs –

Bitdefender Antivirus 2015 - The Silent Killer

First things first, the best thing about Bitdefender products is their design layout, so if you are using an Antivirus software today, but decide to upgrade to a Full software suite, you will easily adapt to it thanks to its identical design. That’s half the reason to go for this brand.

Now, let’s get down to business.

  • Autopilot – Any software is judged first by how hassle free its installation process is, and I am happy to say that the Bitdefender software aces in that department. What we have is an in-built Bitdefender feature called Autopilot, which not only helps you through the rather easy installation process, it also helps do the initial setup, so by the time the Autopilot finishes with you, you have already mastered this software.
  • Smart Profile – Bitdefender products are so smart, that they can actually detect whether you are at work, play, or indulging in some movie -watching, and optimise your PC in such a way that you remain uninterrupted all the way.
  • Optimise and Tune up in Flash – Think your PC may be slowing down, or suspect a memory problem, just use the one-click optimiser. What this does is, it cleans up all unnecessary background processes, and runs a sort of defragment program which in turn leads to increase in free memory.
  • Smart Payment – Bitdefender have taken online payment to the next level by introducing one click payment. You can now save your credit / debit cards in your Bitdefender profile, so that the next time you want to purchase a Bitdefender product, your card is ready for use. In return, you can be rest assured that your card details are secure form the rest of the world.
  • Secure Banking – Say you want to buy something from one of those E-retail websites, but don’t trust your browser security, you should use the secure banking feature in with Bitdefender products. Basically, the software hands you an independent browser window, secured by Bitdefender to continue your transaction. The SafePay feature in the software even gives you an option to autofill your saved card details for you.
  • Real-time Virus Patrol – Usually, the only way you can detect a Virus on you system is by running a PC scan via your Antivirus software. Bitdefender has gone a step- further and introduced real time virus patrol. Basically, the antivirus software keeps running in the background and the moment it finds a suspicious link in any process you might be running, it is immediately tagged and dealt with. Talk about Z-security.
  • Rescue Mode – There are some e-threats like rootkits which cannot be removed superficially from the Windows Operating System. In such an eventuality, Bitdefender Antivirus reboots your system in a non Windows OS Rescue environment, where it seeks and destroys any rootkit it finds. Don’t worry, once the clean-up is done, you can reboot into your Windows OS as usual.
  • Online Dashboard – One of the most awesome features of Bitdefender Antivirus is the Online Dashboard. Not only can you check your subscription status, and scan reports, you can even schedule scans and tune ups from right there. In case of the Full software suite, you even get you child controls on your dashboard, from whence you can check your child’s activity online. Very nifty to be honest. Amazing thinking.
  • Widget Relief – What I mean by this is that, when you install this antivirus software, you also get a small widget. You can actually drag and drop individual files and folders into it, and it scans them for errors and viruses. If detected, the AutoPilotfunction takes immediate action, and just like that, you get a fully clean, virus free file / folder.
  • USB Immunity – This is something that I regard as an absolute cracker of a feature. Usually, when we plug a USB device into our system, we don’t suspect it of containing any kind of malware or virus. You don’t have to worry anymore as the Bitdefender Antivirus software comes with a feature called the USB immunizer. What this does is, the moment you plug in a USB device of any kind into the system, the antivirus software checks it for any kind of suspicious files, and even if one shred of the files is infected, the Autopilot takes over and takes immediate action.

Finally, we have Social Network integration. If you are a social addict, you will need this the most. All you need to do is login to your social network account, and every time someone sends you a link, or you feel the urge to click on a link on your timeline, the antivirus kicks in and, makes sure it’s safe to browse. This feature is extended to even your search results. Try it. Install Bitdefender and search for something on Google. When the search results appear,you will also see a Bitdefender window next to each link with a one word description of whether or not that particular link is safe for browsing.

All in all, you can call the Bitdefender software an all-rounder in every sense. Not only is it useful for all age groups, it even does a stellar job in all areas. The most unbelievable part though, is its pricing. You get all the aforementioned features, and a lots of other add-ons for just $59.95/ year, and it’s usable on up to 3 individual Systems. With a deal this awesome, and the software to justify every penny, I don’t really see how you can ignore this package at all.

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