Boost Wi-Fi Signal On Your Laptop in a Flash

How To Increase Wi-Fi Signal Strength on Laptop

Laptops these days are highly efficient due to the inclusion of the Wi-Fi feature. You no longer need those cumbersome LAN cables to cater to your internet needs. However, the dawn of Wi-Fi also ushered in a new era of curiosity. While people today, pay for a fixed bandwidth on a monthly or annual basis , they still expect more value for the buck. For all those out there, this article is perfect.

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This article will tell you a few ways to maximise your WiFi signal, in order to get that much speed into every task you are doing on the internet

Lets get started –

  • Upgrade your Router – Its highly imperative to stay updated i today’s world, and your WiFi router is no different. Make sure you periodically upgrade your WiFi Router in order to get more efficiency out of your Network. The Laptops today use WiFi circuitry of the 802.11g or 802.11n series. So, if your Router is of a lower order, make sure you upgrade it to match the WiFi receiver series of your Laptop.
  • Repeat your Wi-Fi signal – If you want to increase the strength of your WiFi signal, you should consider investing in a repeater device. Basically, a Repeater circuit, picks up WiFi signals from Routers and Re-Transmits it. It is advisable to place the repeater near to the end of the current signal limit in order to get that much more efficiency.
  • Replace your Standard Router Antenna – Another thing you can do to improve your WiFi signal is to replace your existing Router Antenna, with an Omnidirectional one. The advantage of using a multi-directional antenna is that it will transmit signal in all directions, so you can actually target the signal to a specific location should you so desire.
  • Use an external Wi-Fi adapter – Laptops come with in-built Wi-Fi adapters, but when your Laptop becomes obsolete , the built-in adapters lose their efficiency as well. In such cases, you should use an external Wi-Fi adapter . The advantage of this adapter is that it comes loaded with the latest Antenna and all up-to-date software, and drastically improves your Laptop’s Wi-Fi capabilities in the process.
  • Change your Wireless Channel – The Router broadcasts signals via numerous channels. In case the Channel dedicated to your laptop is facing a lot of interference, then you should change the Wireless channel by tweaking the network settings .
  • Reposition WiFi Router – One of the simplest things you can do to improve WiFi signal is to reposition your Router. Ideal places for the router are places which have less number of thick walls or furniture which only obstruct WiFi signals. Also, avoid placing the router near electrical appliances as they cause interference and thus affect the signal as well.
  • Put Transmission Power to highest – Some of the Wifi Routers allow users to tweak the transmission setting via the software application. If you own such a router, make sure you set the transmission power settings to the highest value to get the most out of your router.
  • Disable Network hogs – Keep checking the application manager for any applications running in the background that require internet connection. Once you find such an application, make sure you close it instantly, as it will ease up the bandwidth.
  • Keep checking for updates – The Router manufacturers keep releasing periodic updates to their Router software’s. Make sure you keep a close tab on any such updates as it will definitely improve the Wi-Fi signal to a great extent.
  • Use DD-WRT – DD-WRT is basically a software that immediately enhances the router performance, and also extends the feature set of the router beyond, what has been reported by the manufacturer. This method is not the most recommended sinceit voids the warranty on your router. Troubleshooting any errors with DD-WRT is also not everyone’s piece of cake.

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Thats all there is to it. Do let us know if this article has been of any assistance. Stay tuned for more articles right here.

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