Change Admin Password using CMD

Command prompt is probably the least used application on your PC, but its probably also the most useful application in times of danger. You can access anything in your PC, execute commands and even create/modify files and folders using a few commands through command prompt ( CMD ).

Change Admin Password using CMD

Here though, I will be discussing a rather snappy new application of CMD, and that is, changing your admin password. This might sound unnecessary, but trust me when I tell you, its better to learn something of less importance than ignore it completely.

Its a rare occurance that one forgets the password to his/ her own computer, but lets assume you did. Now what?

Well, you are presented with a wide array of options, such as restoring your PC, reinstalling the OS, installing a new OS, or just throwing the PC out the window. Well, before you get to the last part, I have another solution for you. Without further ado, lets jump right into it –

  • First up, you need to boot into Safe mode. For those of you who don’t know how to get into Safe mode, the default method is to keep pressing F8 immediately after you restart you PC. You will be greeted by a menu popularly known as the advanced boot menu. just scroll and select Safe mode. Once you are in, head to the next step.
  • Safe mode will look just like your normal desktop screen , but will only run the essential apps. Plus, it doesn’t require a password to login. Now in Safe mode, click the start button, and from there, its up to you how you wish to open command prompt. You can either search for it in the search bar, or use the run command , or manually locate and run command prompt ( CMD ).
  • Once in CMD, type in net user and press Enter.
  • After that, you will see a list of user accounts. Now, choose the account for which you want to reset or change the password.
  • Now, type net user account name * (Replace the account name with the one which you selected) and then hit Enter key.
  • Now type in your desired password. Just make sure you don’t make an error this time.
  • Retype the password for conformation ( This is not mandatory ), and press Enter.

There, all done. Your new password will be set to you desired User account immediately. All you have to do is reboot your system, and rejoice.

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