How to Change Blogger Admin Email?

Many Newbie Bloggers here who don’t know to change blogger Admin Email. How to Change Blogger Admin Email? It’s like the most difficult question ever, Nah.Transferring your Blogger blog from one Gmail / email account to another email is a very easy. In this article, we are going to show you very easy & simple steps to change your blogger admin email address. Before going to the procedure, we would like to tell you some various reasons to change blogger admin email check out below.

How to Change Blogger Admin Email

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» Possible reasons to change your primary email address

1) If you have more than one blog and blogs are associated with a different email address or you want to start a new blog, then you need to transfer your all blog to one email account. Because it is not possible to maintain multiple/different blogs from different/multiple email accounts.

2) You applied to AdSense from another email id and you want your blog to be associated with that email id.

3) If someone wants to buy your blog or You want to sell your blog to anyone then you need to change admin email.

4) Or If you want to add admin for your blog then you need to the same procedure to do that.

» Steps to change blogger admin email address

1) Login to your Blogger account for which you want to change your login email id.

2) I assume you already have created another email address which you want to change. If not, then go and create one first.

3) Go to Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Basics. In Permissions section, you will find the blog authors.


4) After that click on “+Add author” button and in the box provide your new email ID.

5) Now, click on invite.

6) You would have received an author invitation in your second email address. Now, Go to the your gmail inbox and accept it.

7) When the invitation is accepted, you will see the other email address role as a new author. Change the role of new email address from Author to Admin.

8) Now, you will find your new email ID added as the Admin.

That’s all now you have successfully added your new email account to your blogger account and you can access your blog with two email account. Now it’s up to you, You can either remove the old email by simply clicking on the remove button or can keep and use both email IDs for administering your blog.

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