Choosing The Ideal Mobile Explained

Mobile phones have made peoples’ life easy as well as difficult. In the past, due to the very low number of available devices, people had to choose one out of a rather slim lineup of phones for their use. They had no flexibility of comparing devices,  and picking out the one with best features. However, times have changed. The crowd today is literally spoilt for choice when it comes to smartphones. This is where it gets difficult, as it really takes some research nowadays to come to a firm opinion of which phone you are going to buy. Of course, you could consult comparison websites, but they only compare phones on the basis of the data available on paper. The real digging around has to be done by us. That’s why, in this article, I will tell you how to approach the tricky topic of choosing your first smartphone.

Choosing The Ideal Mobile Explained

  • The first question you must ask yourself before buying a smartphone is – What are you?
    What I mean to say is, mentally ask yourself this question and make notes of the answers you may have in mind. You may be a school student, graduate, Full blown salesman, Executive in a multinational company, or even a CEO for that matter. Once you have the answer clear in your head, it will become easy for you to shortlist at least a few phones from your wish list.
  • The next step is to narrow down your wish list further by asking yourself these questions -How durable does my phone need to be?Do I need to have a continuity feature in my phone?How long should my phone last on a single charge?

What is the display size that will favour me the most?

usually, people who work on construction sites prioritise Durability over anything else while the travel bug would want his phone to last him at least two days on a single charge. The fact of the matter is, when you ask yourself these questions, not only will you be more clearer about what you want, you will also be dissuaded from the peer pressure of going for the latest phone in the market, when deep down, you know its not the device you would want to have.

» For the Students

The majority if the World’s population right now is in the academic stage. Students have
varied tastes, when is, comes to smartphones. There are a few who go only on the design, while the specifications don’t really matter to them. There are others who want performance beasts rather than beautifully designed phones. We also have the show offs, who make sure they own the latest phones in the market, even though they don’t really use anything more than calling and social features on those devices. Finally, we have the practical crowd, who do some good research and end up with a phone that is beautifully designed, strong in performance, and not necessarily obsolete. You must aim to be the fourth kind.  As a student, you will have a lot of assignments and notes to be taken, and if you are allowed to do both electronically, then you should go for a phone that will run most of the education and editing based applications, and also come with loads of RAM and memory. Also, your phone should have a cloud storage feature installed, so that you can save any important document on your cloud in a flash. The display and camera also play an important l=role in a student’s life. A bigger display means clearer visibility, and a good camera means crisp photos whenever you need them.

How to Choose the Right Mobile Phone

» The Executives

The next most important category of people are the business oriented, or executive population. When you talk business, the first thing that comes to your mind is keeping data safe. Make sure your new phone has good security features. Also, many executives need to attend Skype or other video calls at rather odd hours sometimes. Make sure the camera on your phone, both rear and front are the best in rating. Also, another feature that every executive needs is device continuity. For example, if you are an executive, composing an email in your office, and you get a call from home stating an emergency , you should be able to save your progress on your company’s machine and the continuity feature should allow you to continue composing that very email from your mobile device, when you leave the office for home.

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How to Choose the Right Mobile Phone

Once your phone ticks the utility boxes, you can then move on to the most external aspects like costing, novelty and the various add-ons and Fun features.

Once you have a phone that ticks every box, the last thing left for you to do is go and get it. Remember, it doesn’t matter if your phone is not the latest on the block. Buy the smartphone that ticks all, or at least a majority of the features on your checklist.

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