Enable Easy Mode on Note 4

The Note 4 is arguable the best Phablet out there, and while it has evey feature man can think of, there is one particular that stands out. That feature is the Easy mode. This feature has been tailor made for those people who need to stay updated in terms of their gadgets, but in reality don’t use iot for anything more than calling messaging and browsing. Those people get overwhelmed by the array of features, which is why , they can scale down the experience by enabling the Easy mode on their Note 4.

How To Enable Easy Mode on Note 4

Easy mode, gives you access only to the the most required features and blocks out the rest, for a short time or till whenever you may please. In case you a total novice at Android and just bought the Note 4 to cater to peer pressure, you should read what I am about tell you in this article.

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For those who feel they will most likely lose all their data while shuttling from standard to easy mode and vice versa, Rest assured, you will not lose a single shred of data.

To Enable Easy Mode on your Galaxy Note 4, simple head to Settings, and head to the Personalisation section. Tap on the Easy Mode Option.

Once you do that, you will have the option of toggling between the normal mode and easy mode. Next, choose the apps you want to be displayed in your easy mode. Once you have finalised your choice, hit Done.

You will now be taken back to your home screen, but this time, you will see a slightly new interface, with just those apps you have requested to see. The navigation is simpler, and a pleasure to the eyes of the uninitiated.

By default, you will have access to a god three home screens.with the main one being used for a set of three widgets — weather, clock and calendar — and six apps — flashlight, magnifier, camera, phone, messages and the Internet browser. The home screen to your left features the favourite contacts. On the right, you have your app grid.

There is even a ‘ More Settings ‘ tab which will allow you to make any other customisations that may intend to carry out.

Well ,thats all there is to it. Hope you find this article informative. Stay tuned for more right here.

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