Five Games to Look out for in 2015

Top 5 Best Android Games to Play in 2015

The mobile gaming market is booming these days with almost all major video game manufacturers bringing their top titles to the handheld ecosystem. The array of games goes all the way from small time pixel graphic games to the hardcore heavy duty games that you could only fream of playing on your PC or professional gaming consoles. 2014 saw a lot of major titles come to the mobile market and 2015 will be even better. The year is far from over yet, but anyway, in this article , I will tell you about five games that are worth playing on your mobile devices.

Lets get started –

  • Badland – Initially, an iOS only game, Badlands has found its way to the Android store as well. The simplistic design and overall dark atmosphere of the game has made it a must have on all Android devices. The game was also voted , the best designed game, when it launched on the iOS platform. It was also voted ‘Best Project ‘ in a recent European survey. This should be more than enough reason to get the same on your device as well. If you are wondering, its available for free on the Android Play Store. You can click right here and get it instantly.
  • Brothers in Arms 3 – The FPS based games were never really expected to debut on the mobile platform, but when they did, people almost abandoned everything else. Brothers in Arms is a very popular title both in the mobile and external platforms. The graphics are highly realistic, and if you happen to have a big phablet device, with a top notch GPU, this game is an absolute treat to the eyes. You can get the game for free by clicking here.
  • Modern Combat 5 – Blackout – This is another title that made its way from the hardcore gaming consoles to the mobile ecosystem. The developers have made sure that you get the same immersive feel you would get when you play this on a hardcore gaming machine. I am talking about stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, eye popping visuals and ear pleasing Audio prowess. The catch here is that you need a continuous internet connection on your device to play this game. If you want to give this game a swing, get it here.
  • The Walking Dead : Season 2 – For those who like the idea of a zombie apocalypse, The Walking Dead series will not disappoint you one bit. You can enjoy killing and maiming a huge arsenal of Zombies as they in turn attempt to conquer your universe. Season 2 is a story based game, which has been divided internally into five parts. The story revolves around a young girl who has been orphaned and must fend for herself in this absolutely horrifying new world. You can expect some really cod chills down your spine while playing this game. If you are up to the challenge, you can head right here and get it onto your device.
  • Monument Valley – This is one of the most beautifully designed games till date, and from the very first frame, you know you are addicted to it. The idea of the game is simple enough – You have to guide the princess out of an array of mind numbing array of monuments which twist and turn and make your head go in circles. If puzzle based games are your thing, you should definitely try this game out. Click here to get the app and start playing.

That’s all I have for you here. If you like this article , or if you want to leave any precious feedback, you may do so by commenting in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more such articles right here.

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