Five Grooming Tips For Your Blog

Every Blogger, has only one aim in mind – to take their blogs to the next level. But little do they realise that just taking the a blog up the ranks is not enough. For a blog to really do well, it must be well maintained, and treated with care. Many people have describes the relation between and blogger and his/her blog as a relation of parent and child.

Five Grooming Tips For Your Blog

When people usually start blogging, they are told that full focus must be in the content, and that every thing else is just superficial. Thats absolutely Rubbish Advise. If you really want your Blog to click, you have to take care of every aspect of it.

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Today, I am going to tell you 5 things you must take care of in order to enjoy a really successful blog –

  • Design and Interface – To explain this, let me take an example. Say you have just opened a new restaurant, with 5 star chefs and world class crew, but a pathetic design. No one will come to your restaurant more than once. Similarly, if your blog boasts of some exquisite content but has a less than impressive design, no one will even bother looking at your blog again. The key to a successful blog is to keep the visitors engaged for as long as possible, and treat them to a flawless, elegant and memorable experience while you are at it. If the design is good, the visitor will surely come again, and whats more, he might even spread word about your blog to his network. Overall, its a win-win situation. Free Responsive WordPress Themes & Blogger Templatesbeautiful blog design
  • Treat your Blog like a Brand – What if I gave you an option between a cheap Chinese knock off of an iPhone and an official Apple iPhone, what would you pick? I think the answer is obvious. Similarly, your blog will have more acceptance in the market if you treat it like a brand. One way to do that is ti create a Facebook Page for your Blog, and keep it updated on a regular basis. Facebook also has a feature which lets you advertise your blog for a nominal price. The fact of the matter is, if you treat your blog like a professional brand, the world will have the same Outlook. How to Get Your Blog Indexed by Search Engines within 2 hourscreate-a-facebook-fan-page-for-blogger-blogspot
  • Be Transperent with your viewers – The ‘About’ and ‘Contact Us’ sections of most blogs are usually untouched by the owners. What they don’t realise is that if your contact details are not present on your blog, you are actually losing out on some potential loyal viewers. Why take the risk? Its just a simple matter of giving some details through which people can contact you regarding your blog, and sometimes, you might even receive a ping from a big company, if it finds your content gives a bang for the buck.About Page
  • Use Blogger Tools – Blogger tools will help you make your blog more easy to access, hassle free, and sometimes , even spam free. Just make sure you get the right blogger tools from the right place. By now you must be thinking that Blogging is a big hassle, but fear not, it only requires attention at the start. Once your theme is kicking and tools are in place, all you are left with is the job of writing and publicizing. Blog Idea Tools – Get inspired quickblogging tools
  • Blog Loading Time – The last thing you must check is the loading time of your blog, which means, how fast your blog opens after you enter the address and hit enter. There are some themes, which make you blog turtle slow, and you don’t want that. The average person will not wait for more than 4-5 seconds for you blog to load. There are many ways to counter a slow blog. If you use WordPress, then you have plugins available for speeding up your Blog Load Time. But if you ask me, the only thing I would suggest is to keep your blog clutter-free. I know its tempting to put on many ad units in order to earn more money, but trust me when I tell you, the more the ads, the lesser your viewers will like your blog. 10 Must Have Plugins for Every New WP Blogreduce-blog-load-time

These are the five things you must absolutely take care of , irrespective of whther you are a newbie or a veteran. Treat your Blog with respect, and success will surely follow.

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