Get Earthquake Alerts on your Smartphone using these Apps

While Nepal has been brought to its knees by the onslaught of earthquakes and their aftershocks, the world is left to wonder, as to how can they avoid such a situation and minimize loss of life should their place of abode become a target.

How to get Earthquake Alerts on Android Phone

The government will put out precautions and also run drives to create awareness of what is to be done in such situations, but honestly speaking, those methods are old fashioned.

The world has now gone truly digital, and it is only fitting that we use technology to help us in case of a natural calamity as well.Earthquakes are detected much before they occur these days , thanks to growing technology, and many countries are fortunate enough that they either have professional equipment or very reliable sources who will let them know exactly when , or around which time frame , the calamity is set to occur.

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In this article, I will tell you about a few apps that you can put on your smartphone and thus make your smartphone, a portable calamity warning machine.

Lets get started –

  • Earthquake Alerts Tracker – This is an app that works on the global level. On installation, you are asked to set the desired preferences, which also include magnitude settings. Once you enter the details of your choice, you will immediately start receiving notifications based on your entries. If, at any point, you feel the need to change or tweak your settings, you have the option to do so as well. As far as the general interface is concerned, this app has one of the simplest interfaces in its segment. You can also pick a theme for this app from a given selection of HOLO themes, which will further increase the personal feel. If you want to give this app a swing, click here.
  • Earthquake Alert! – This is an app that focusses more on the local earthquake alerts than anything else. Once you enter the magnitude range, you will immediately start receiving updates on any seismic activity in the area you have specified. Also, this app features the world quakes feature. In this, you will be presented with a map of the world, which will encompass, any or all seismic activity on the planet. If this is your kind of app, get it by clicking here.
  • Earthquake notifier – This app is again , a global app. It tell you where an earthquake is  going on, if in case there is one. Also, it even has a nifty feature, wherein it gives you the exact location of the quake depending on your search query terms .  It even has a quake history feature which lets you go through a list of the earthquakes that have occurred in the past 7,14 or even 21 days. This is data is good if you like analysing calamities. Click here if this is the app for you.
  • Earthquake Lite –  Earthquake Lite is one of the recommended apps for earthquake tracking. Not only does it give you real time notifications , it also gives you the precise USGS data, International data, maps, screenshots, and everything else you may need to get a pin point perfect analysis of the oncoming calamity. If this app interests you, click here.
  • Latest Quakes – This is the last app on this list. Like all other apps in this list, this app also gives you in depth details on the quake, including details like distance, magnitude, intensity, and location. You can also get information on quakes that have happened a week back as well. The down side to this app however, is the fact that it is not a real time app, and sometimes, you may even get the details you desire a day after the quake. However, if you still think this app is what you are looking for, just click here.

Thats all there is to it. Hope you found this article useful. Do contribute to the Nepal Earthquake relief effort in any way you can other than by praying, because only prayers are not going to help. Do let us know if you have found this article useful. Stay tuned for more updates right here.


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