Getting To Know A Bit About G-Apps

Google Apps or G-Apps as they are commonly called, refer to the proprietary applications by Google found in all Android Devices. Some of the most commonly found G-Apps are Google Play Store, Google Books, Google Hangouts,Youtube and Google Maps. All these apps are found on the Play Store as well. So no need to worry if you don’t have any of these.
Getting To Know A Bit About G-Apps

Usually, a majority of the G-Apps are found pre installed on Stock Roms, Roms that are less common , or those from areas where intellectual property laws are less commonly obeyed.


Many AOSP ( Android Open Source Project ) ROMs like the popular Cyanogenmod, or even AOKP ROMs, do not come with Google apps pre installed due to licensing issues. This is because the apps are propritary software owned by Google and are not really available for the Android Open Source Project.

The primary mirror for the G-Apps is, which provides an application for easy downloading, installation, and notifications of updates to the Google Apps packages on Android.

The links for the various G-Apps packages for different Android versions are given below –

Android 4.2 – Click here

Android 4.3 – Click here

Android 4.4 – Click Here

Android 5.0 – Click Here

Android 5.1 – Click Here

Once you have the G-Apps package corresponding to the OS version of your Custom ROM, you can flash both the Custom ROM and G-Apps package together.

To do this, follow the steps as given  –

Remember, carry out this procedure at your own risk. We at ClassifiedTricks are not responsible for any damage that might occur to your device.

  • Store the installed Zip package containing the G-Apps onto the Internal or External memory of your android device
  • Shut down your device and reboot into recovery mode. To do this, Press the Volume up + Power button
  • Choose the install Zip option present in the recovery mode window and browse for the saved Zip package that contains the G-Apps package
  • Once you locate the desire Zip package, install it. It will take a few seconds , so be patient.
  • Once installed, you will be taken back to the recovery mode window. Select Reboot device.

Thats it, your phone will now boot with the proprietary G-Apps

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