Give your Android One the CM Treatment

Android One has been touted as the way ahead for Google, with all their devices earning a guaranteed spot for updates for the next few years. While not all devices are truly must have pieces of tech, a few people still buy them to stay updated in terms of the Android Ecosystem.

Give your Android One the CM Treatment

The latest Android Lollipop brought the much needed overhaul to the saturated Android OS, and gave it a new lease of life. What this also means is that we can’t really expect a whole new look OS atleast for another year or probably more. Thats where the Custom OS comes in. The best part about Android is the range of customisation that you can carry out on it, without jacking up your device for good, and arguably, the best ROM out there is Cyanogenmod. Not only does it replicate the stock android UI, it also gives you a lot more features than the parent OS itself.

So for those who own an Android One device and would love to make a switch to Cyanogenmod, follow my lead.

Again, I must warn you that whatever happens during the entire procedure is entirely your responsibility, and neither me nor anyone at ClassifiedTricks is responsible for any damage that may happen to your device.

Lets dive in –

Pre- Requisites :-

  • Your Android One device must be rooted and the bootloader must be unlocked.
  • Make sure you have a custom recovery program installed on your device ( TWRP or CWM )
  • I would recommend that you keep your phone fully charged, or atleast 80%
  • Good old common sense

CM requirements –

  • Download the latest official Nightly .
  • Download the corresponding G-Apps

Procedure –

  • Boot into recovery mode.
  • To do this, Press Power button+Volume Up simultaneously
  • Select Recovery mode
  • Wait for OEM logo and then a Dead Android with exclamation mark and “No Command” written below it.
  • Now hold Power then tap Volume up and wait for a few seconds.

Your phone is now in recovery mode.

  • Backup your current ROM using your custom recovery.
  • Wipe all data, including cache.
  • Navigate to your SD Card and select the ROM zip file. Flash the ROM.
  • Next, Flash the G-Apps that you had downloaded along with the ROM.
  • Reboot.

Your first Reboot after Flashing Cyanogenmod will take some time , but that is normal, so don’t worry.

Well , thats it, enjoy your experience with Cyanogenmod.

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