Gmail for voice calling ? Yes its possible

Gmail is arguably the best mail client in the world, and while many people only use if for what it’s known for, there are few who have gone a step further, and after a bit of research, given Gmail the title of “Most Versatile Mail Client”. I say versatile because not only does Gmail efficiently handle your mail, it also has a host of other functionality options which only make your life easier. The most popular add-on is the integrated Hangouts chat. Hangouts are Google’s in-house messenger which, very much like Gmail, is versatile in its own sense.

Gmail for voice calling  Yes its possible

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But I am not here to talk about Gmail and its God like versatility, I am here to share a trick not many people know. Gmail has been holding this race under its sleeve for quite some time. That race is nothing but the voice calling feature. Yes, the humble mail client can be used to make voice calls, and that too on the domestic and also international levels. Now, in order to use this handy feature you need to have in your possession, the following ingredients –

  • Updated Internet browser
  • Headphone with mic.
  • Google Voice Plugin

Lets begin –

  • Firstly, go to the gmail webpage and sign into your gmail account. In the eventuallity that you don’t posses a gmail account, just create one and proceed to the next step.
  • Click on the call phone button. This is a button shaped like a telephone and is found under the ‘more‘ tab.
  • After that , download the Google Voice Plugin. You will find it in the dialogue box. All you have to do is click on download, and sit back and wait.
  • Once the plugin has been installed onto your browser, just click on the country flag icon in the dialogue box. This will let you choose the country of the number you wish to call.
  • Now just go ahead and dial the landline/ mobile number you wish to dial, and thats it. Just make sure you have connected your headphones to the device, and make sure the headphones feature the in built mic as well.

Enjoy calling your near and dear ones anywhere in the world, using this handy trick. Just make sure you have a stable net connection going as that is mandatory.

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