How To Install MIUI 7.1 Global Stable Build on Mi3/4, Mi4i, Xiaomi Mi Note, Redmi note, Prime, and Others

How To Install MIUI 7.1 Global Stable Build on Mi34, Mi4i, Xiaomi Mi Note, Redmi note, Prime, and Others

Two months ago Xiaomi releases its first MIUI 7.1 global stable build for their selected smartphones. If we think about any update, then we easily understand that updates comes with new features, any issues means bugs fixes for users safety it means in short updates means improvements. Now, I know many people or Xiaomi users are here who not aware of this new update means about bugs fixes & improvements. So, for them here is official short video of this update. This is MIUI 7 Performance Optimization video:

MIUI 7.1 Global Stable Build Update Highlights

  • File Explorer supports hidden folders
  • Mi Drop makes it easier to share files with nearby devices
  • New ‘Doodle’ tool added for image editing in Gallery
  • Six text sizes available for you to choose from including XS

For Full MIUI 7.1 Global Stable Build Change log Click here.

If you owned any of these Xiaomi devices and you didn’t get OTA update and wanted to install these update manually on your phone then you can install them from because this tutorial. Here, we’re going to share the download links of these updates and steps to install them on your devices. Here is the complete guide to install latest MIUI 7.1 Global Stable Build. Steps are very simple it will takes only few minutes.

Before we start, let me remind you – this method is available only for mentioned Xiaomi models. Follow this guide correctly and only on mentioned Xiaomi devices otherwise whatever happens to your phone, is your responsibility. The steps given in the upcoming tutorial are correct to your knowledge, but even then, remember, whatever you do, do it at your own risk

We are going to share here Two methods one for dummies means “How to Install via OTA Update from Their Device”  😕 and Second one – “How to Install MIUI7 with Recovery”

Get started with first easy method :

» How to Install via OTA Update

If you’re using MIUI V5/MIUI 6 Global stable version on your device. Then, follow given steps to get the MIUI  7.1 update on your device. Steps are with screenshot, So it will be more easy, fast & helpful for user to follow this tutotial.

Step #1. Find ‘Updater’ app on your device Check for update.


Step #2. In updater, if update is received in your device then you will get MIUI 7.1 Global Stable Build Update to Download & Install in your device.

Step #3. After that you will get to see the “Update” button. To install update press the “Update” Button.


Step #4. Afterwards, Update’s Downloading will start after downloads completion, it will start automatically installing & then Roboot the device.

Step #5. That’s it. Now enjoy the MIUI7 on your device.

» How to Install MIUI7 with Recovery

Step #1. Download the MIUI ROM from the below given download buttons:-

Mi 4i – V7.1.1.0.LXIMICK Recovery (846M)

Mi Note- V7.1.1.0.KXEMICK Recovery (723M)

Redmi 2 / Prime (4G)- V7.1.1.0.KHJMICK Recovery (662M)

Redmi Note (4G)- V7.1.1.0.KHIMICK Recovery (709M)

Mi 3 | Mi 4- V7.1.1.0.KXDMICK Recovery (672M)

Redmi 1S (3G) – V7.1.1.0.KHCMICK Recovery (698M)

Redmi Note Prime (4G Dual SIM) -V7.1.1.0.KHKMICK Recovery (703M)

Mi Pad – V7.1.1.0.KXFMICK Recovery (547M)

Redmi Note2 – V7.1.1.0.LHMMICK Recovery (931M)

Redmi Note 3G – V7.1.3.0.KHDMICK Recovery (665M)

Step #2. After downloading update ROM file in the root directory of your phone’s storage.


Step #3. Now go to the “Updater”. Press that three dot on the top right corner, and then select “Choose update package”.


Step #4. Now select the downloaded ROM file, device will start update automatically.

That’s it! Now enjoy MIUI 7.1 Global Stable Build on your device. Enjoy new updates & Thank you for reading. I hope you found this article helpful and if you have any further queries or questions to be asked on this article, feel free to ask. We would like to interact with you regarding your queries and questions. Your suggestions and feedback are always welcomed.


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