What Google Knows about You?

No doubt! Google is the most used and most popular search engine in the world and every knows that. So, today we will share some information that all google users should know and I know there are many people are not aware of all this information about google which is today I’m going to tell you.

What Google Knows about You

“Google is watching you” Yeah, probably you aware or heard somewhere these lines because there are lots of articles on web like “How to delete search history of Google and all that stuff. But today you will learn everything, In this article, I will show you how exact all information google records and how you can easily erase it. Let’s start..

When you use google services, it means you’re making deal. You can use Google search, Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps and Google+ for free and in exchange, you agree to share information about yourself. It means google knows everything, what you search on google, what videos you watch on youtube, what type of content you like the most and where you go means what you search or navigate on google maps. So, if you want to find out What google has stored data about you then use the following links.

1. Your Entire Google Search History:

Google History

You may be know about this how to delete entire google search history, but still for them who don’t know about this you can go to following link and you can check all your google search terms history & you can also delete it, there are options to delete. Simply click on following link:

2. Which Apps & Extensions are using your Google account:

Apps connected to your account

Nowadays, almost everyone using android smartphones and tablets, for example like you have two devices then obviously you will use only one google account, that time all information about your device will be saved in your Google account. And many more apps and extensions we use on our smartphones and computers with google services. If you want to find out how many times you had use google services with apps and extensions or which apps connected to your google account then click on following link:

3. Your Complete Location History:

Location History

As I mentioned above, that google knows everything even your location history. Many times whenever we doesn’t know any place address and how to go that particular place, we search that place or navigate location and set destinations points or even if you’re using any google apps on your device, then at that time your device send your location to google. So, if you want to check your location history, then click on following link:

4. Account Activity Page

Account Activity Page

Google has account activity log page like facebook, but difference is in Google Account you can see your all applications and google services used on your Account, you can also say that Personal Info and Privacy Page (Dashboard). Here you can manage all your Google services.

5. YouTube Search History:

Delete YouTube History

Well, this is very easy and everyone knows it, how to delete YouTube search history. Here is the direct link given below in order to delete YouTube search history.

6. Export Data:

Download Your Google Data

With this option, you can export all your data from your Google Account including Bookmarks,Google Drive files, your Emails, contacts,  profile info and youtube videos & photos that you have uploaded, etc. and much more. To export all your account data then click on following link.

7. What Google Thinks About You:

Google Analytics

Google has a tool called Google Analytics which is mostly used by bloggers and websites owners to check their traffic means their websites or blogs traffic daily views, organic traffic, what pages people visited and many more things. Same as I said before, Google store all information what you search on google, which pages you visited all information. If you don’t want to collect all this information about you, you can easily stop it using the following link.

Google Ads Settings

Based upon analytics information, your searches, visited products on shopping sites, location etc. Google creates a separate account of yours based on your all activities logs. Google uses this data to serve you related ads. You may be notice, you viewed a product on any eCommerce website and same products you will see on other websites wherever you visit, you see those products on ads that is called ad retargeting. With the following link you can control & review data that Google has about you.

These was all about what google knows about you. If you liked this article then consider to share this post with your friends and circles. And If you have any further queries or questions to be asked on this article, feel free to ask. We would like to interact with you regarding your queries and questions. Your suggestions and feedback are always welcomed.

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