Ily Is A Modern Family Phone To Stay Connected With Your Family

ILY: The Family Phone

Just imagine, your small kids calling & chatting with grandparents, cousins every day after school without help of any adult, whenever they wanted. In last month, Insensi intros ILY,  the new Family Phone that provides a safe, simple way for long distance family members to connect through voice, video calling and messaging.

Most of small kids and their grandparents doesn’t know how to operate any smartphone or tablets. There are many kid-friendly gadgets & tablets are avaliable. But, Insensi’s ILY: The Family Phone for everyone 3 to 93 ages for everyone as their in name “The Family Phone”.

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ILY is a elegant eight-inch touchscreen tablet device which only needs Wi-Fi network or you can replace your landline to ILY tablet by simply plugging your phone cable. There is no Internet browser in ILY, so your kids can connects only with family members without access any unsafe Internet content.

With device you will get app for your iOS or Android smartphones for video/voice call or send messages to family members who owns the ILY device. Now how it works..

ILY has stunning user interface, which makes really very easy to call, just tap on recipient’s picture & one more tap on options like voice or video call, message and there is one more great option to send pictures. Kids can listen music, draw pictures and send their picture to any family members in just one tap. There is also app to keep your kids productive, app helps to create to-do list & any type of notes.

I will say amazing device in just price tag of $199. So, if you want to purchase ILY: The Family phone, then it is available for pre-order on It is available worldwide. The devices are expected to start shipping and the ILY iOS & Android apps will be available in the Google Play store or Apple App store for free beginning in the fall 2015.

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