Learn English Online for Free using these Websites

Top 10 Best Websites to Learn English Online for Free

English the standard language of communication in 90% of the world today. Even in homes, family members talk to each other in English more than their native language. In such a world, people who don’t have adequate knowledge of the language stand no chance. Even when it comes to going abroad for educational or professional purposes, knowing English is not a necessity, its a compulsary requirement. All institutions abroad consider your English language scores before granting you admission. So, if you are one of those people who lacks adequate knowledge in English, this article is for you. In this post, I will be telling you about a few websites which will help you , not only learn English, but also polish your skills for competitive exams.

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Lets get started –

  • BBC- English Learning – Way before the internet gained prominence , people learnt English via Radios, and its common knowledge that BBC is indeed the oldest and the most successful source. They have now adopted the internet way and pulled their sources online. Their focus on Grammar, pronunciation and Business English, along with their innovative teaching methods , make BBC the top name on my list.BBCLearningEnglish
  • How Do You Do ? – This is not what you think it is. How do you do is actually a website which allows you to polish your English by speaking to non native speakers. It is an excellent forum to gain more knowledge on the language and eventually, master it. This is probably the best language exchange forum / Website there is.why-do-you-have-to-learn-english-
  • Ask.com – This website contains exercise and study materials for all levels of English starting from the absolute grass root level to proper Executive grade English. They have various exercises like quizzes , crossword puzzles etc which will allow you to test out your level of proficiency in the language. Whats more, the website also helps you plan out courses and schedules for competitive exams like TOEFL , IELTS, etc.Ask-Logo-Medium
  • English Central – This is one website which prides in their video capabilities. They have videos which cater to evry aspect of English language. People can watch these videos and gain as much knowledge as they can from it . The website offers both Free and paid account options . Another feature worth mentioning is the intellicoach. In this, people can actually speak to the software and the software in return will review how good your pronunciation is.english_central
  • Voice of America – This website is for those planning to migrate to the USA or go there for educational purposes. In this website, you will be able to view all the latest happeneing in America , and in the process, grasp the way they pronounce their English and at the same time, even improve your general knowledge about that country.voice of america
  • ABCYa.com – This website is essentially for kids , but adults can use it too if they so desire. Here , you learn the English language in the form of games containing levels . Each level deals with different parts of the English language, thus making it that much more informative as well as challenging.abcya_ss2
  • Easy world of English – This website is sort of an all rounder one with almost all sorts of English language resources. You have live tutorials, videos, guides, activities, and tests to fully prepare for everything there is in the world of the English Language. You even get PDF notes if you wish to take your study offline.ewe-esol
  • ManyThings.org – This is not the sleekest website of the lot, but they have some the best quality material at your disposal here. The website is mostly known for its various activities like puzzles and crosswords. They even have quality links to some amazing youtube videos , using which, you can sharpen your English speaking skills.manythings.org
  • PhraseMix – This is one of those fancy looking websites with their own teaching ideology. Here, students will learn one phrase a day. The website makes sure that the phrase of the day is adequately explained so that any level of student can understand it .phrase-mix-logo
  • MyEnglishTeacher.Eu – This is another good website for English speaking. You have two options here. You can either subscribe to their daily newsletter for free. In this case, you will receive some valuable material and information along with tips and tricks in learning the English language to perfection. The other option is the paid option. A one time payment will let you interact with an actual professional teacher, who will train you in the language and make you a master at it.MyEnglishTeacher

Thats all I have in this section. hope you found this article informative. Stay tuned for more such articles right here.

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