Best Sites to Listen Music Online for Free

Everyone loves to listen to their favorite songs or music either it is online or offline. But generally we store our favorite songs/music in our mobile, PC and mp3 player and listening to songs whenever we want. But in this way, first we have to download newly released music every time because no one’s like to listen to old music again & again and downloading new music songs every time not possible.Best Sites to Listen Music Online for Free

In online streaming services, you just have to choose and hit play. In one click, you can listen to any music without downloading it. This is the reason why many people looking for the free online music streaming services. There are lots of sites that offers online music streaming for free as well as paid. Now you don’t need to find those online music streaming sites because we have compiled a list of best websites to listen to free music online. So that you can find your favorite music easily by searching artist name or song name, albums or selecting categories.

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Best Online Music Streaming Sites


Spotify is one of the popular websites to listen to music online for free with over a million songs in different categories available for you to listen to songs/music whenever you want and as many times as you want. Spotify also has their application for mobile & tablets, so that you can also listen to music on your smartphones. You can also listen to online music on the desktop for that you have to download Spotify desktop manager. The easy & Fast web site once you done just log in with your facebook account or sign up and start listening to your favorite songs/music online. is another best online music streaming site and for downloading music as well. On you will find 200 million albums and 640 million tracks. Listen to your favorite music just enter your favorite song name, artist or album. also works along with Spotify making it a power base of a program for listening to songs/music.


This is yet another popular online music portal on the web. 8tracks arranged music/songs according to your mood so that you can listen to music you’ve to select mood. And also you can search your favorite song by typing song name, albums, mood or activity in the search box. Here you can also create your own playlists. Top 5 Best Sport Streaming Sites To Watch Matches Online


Grooveshark is the most popular and oldest free online music streaming service provider. Grooveshark has millions old songs in their database. On Grooveshark, you don’t need register account/sign up to create playlists and share everything with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.


Jango is another best & popular free online music streaming service on the web. Jango makes easy to listen to free music online on the computer. Here you can create your own custom radio station based on an artist that you like. On, you can also listen to other user’s radio station and they can listen to yours.

The above sites are the best place to listen to music online for free. Also, we listed some best sites of online music streaming below.

Playlist (only available in the United States)

Pandora (Available in U.S., Australia and New Zealand)






These are the best sites to listen music online for free. Even if there are lots of websites and we’ve listed few of them.

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