Lock Google Chrome and keep Browsing Data safe [Extension]

Google Chrome has come a long way since its introduction in 2008. It was never an easy task for a new browser to make a mark when you had other high performance browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera and even Safari. However, the moment people started using Google’s Chrome browser, they were absolutely hooked. Today , majority of the world relies on Chrome for their browsing needs. Its probably, the fastest browser in the market today. However, its not a perfect Browser. Google Chrome also has chinks in its armour, which can be used by the Cyber Pirates , and eager friends and relatives to plunder your Browsing data, and also confidential information that you may have stored in the browser, like your email password, or social profile account details. Lucky for you though, this article will tell you how you can actually put a lock on Google Chrome and protect your Browsing Data. It may not be fool proof, but 50 % of something is better than 100 % of nothing.

Lock Google Chrome and keep Browsing Data safe

To lock Google Chrome, probably the best browser extension is ‘ Simple Startup Password’. What this extension is simple. Just like how you a passcode to unlock your phone, this extension will allow you to set a unique password to unlock the Browser itself. Thus your Browser will be safe.

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Lets get right to it –

  • First of all , you need to add the Simple Startup Password extension. Get it from here.
  • Once its added to your Chrome Browser, open it.
  • To do this, go to tools and then click on the Extension option on your Chrome browser.
  • Find your new extension in the list of extensions and select Options.
  • A new page will appear where you will be prompted to input a password of your choice.


And thats it .You now have a safe and secure Chrome Browser. The only way people can open your browser is by gaining access to that very exclusive password that you have set. Happy Browsing.

Hope you found this article informative. Stay tuned for more such Articles right here.

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  1. Bob Chin says:

    Thank You for this ‘Chrome’ insite. I’ve used another version called ‘Torch’ & have been very happy with some of their built in features. I used to have ‘Kaspersky’ security, but then switched to a free version of ‘McAfee’ (AOL) & they won’t let me download the ‘Torch anymore; saying it has a trojan in the program? Ever heard of this, or have an article I could read about it?

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