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On March 7, 2015
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MyThemeShop is arguably the most popular site for those who are looking for some exquisite themes for their WordPress blogs. Not only does the site provide amazing themes, they also offer some really good deals, so buying the themes becomes less of a hassle. One of the most used offers is the “CT60Discount” coupon, which offers maximum discount up to 60 % off on the theme of your choice.

MyThemeShop Review

Exactly how it works out, and what good it will fetch you? Read on to find out –

A lot depends on how you present your Blog to the world, and in case of WordPress, which is now the most prominent blogging site other than blog spot, the looks and interface of your blog matter a lot. the basic idea is to keep your viewers engaged and give them an eye pleasing experience. This is where the themes come into play.

When it comes to themes, bloggers have two options, they can either go for the free themes, which are good in their own way, or you can opt for the paid themes, which may cost a bit sometimes, but trust me when I tell you, they bring more value to the buck than you can imagine. But for those looking out for themes which are well optimised SEO -wise, have a good interface, and still cost you next to nothing, well, look no further than the MyThemeShop Theme Club.


Testing any kind of software, or, in this case, a theme, it is necessary to get it on hand for a while. That’s where MyThemeShop, hit a home run. The trick is to send them a request to let you test any premium theme for free, and what you receive is a week long license to use the theme , and get a detailed look into what it’s all about.

After a few tests and experiments, the most prominent premium themes are probably the ones named, Schema and Minimalist. Though Schema did well in the tests, it was the Minimalist which took the prize and now graces this website.


Before I talk more about the theme itself, let me tell you something about MyThemeShop Theme Club.

When in comes to WordPress Theme clubs, you can call MyThemeShop Theme a rising star. These folks have been around for just about a year and a half, and they can already boast of providing more than 80+ themes and plugins, with more being released every month without fail. If that’s not enough, as of today, MyThemeShop has a customer base of 237263+ happy users. If that’s not incredible, I don’t know what is.

After reading all this, you probably want to know their secret to such an extraordinary level of success, well it is not really rocket science. Read on.


MyThemeShop has only one thing in mind, Customer satisfaction, and they have gone to great lengths to ensure that always happens. Among the most amazing features, here are the most crucial –

  • Easy Set-up – Once you download the theme of your choice, the Zip file will present to you, everything you require to install onto your blog. You also have the one click installation option which is nothing short of incredible. Once you have the theme installed, you also get the option to tweak it to your requirement, so that at the end of the entire process, you are left with a theme that you can call your own.
    MyThemeShop Schema Theme
  • Looks that kill – One look at the available themes, and you know you are in the right place. The themes have been designed to give each blog, a personalised touch and look to kill. Definitely a game changer.
  • SEO ? No Problem – All themes from MyThemeShop are SEO optimized to the greatest possible degree. In today’s world, getting a good SEO optimised blog is a necessity. But when you have one of MyThemeShop’s themes, SEO is never going to be a problem.
  • Top Class Coding – All themes are coded to perfection, so in case you are a non-coder or have no computer knowledge whatsoever, you need not worry, everything has been taken care of. Just install the theme and enjoy. However, if you do have any queries, just leave a mail, and the folks at MyThemeShop will get back to you with precise solutions.
  • Ads enabled – If you are someone who has been blogging for a while and have probably worked your rear off to get that very elusive Adsense approval, then worry not. Switching to a new theme will not compromise any of that, as these themes come pre-loaded with ad-sense approval.
  • Super Responsive – If there’s one thing most imperative in the domain of websites, it is that yours must be among the most responsive ones in the market. The themes on MyThemeShop are some of the most responsive in the market. Admiration Guaranteed.

All this said and done, what remains to be seen is the pricing – Well thats the easiest part.


Use this coupon code “CT60Discount” to get 60% Discount on any MyThemeShop Product

If you are indeed in favor of the premium themes, then all you have to do is select the theme of your choice and make a one-time payment. The ultimate perk is that once purchased, you can use that theme on as many domains as you like. Talk about more for less. Also, if you are someone who does a bit of developing as well, then go for the developer’s license which will offer you even more than the normal contract.

MyThemeShop Coupon 60 Off

Before I conclude this review, just one more thing I would love to tell you about is the loading speed of these themes. If I were to sum up the loading time of the sites running these themes in one word, it would be – ‘Blitzkrieg’.

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