Now get WhatsApp on Your iPad without Jailbreak !!

Whatsapp is now the world’s most used chat client, overtaking even the previously popular GTalk, and also your standard SMS feature as well. Personally, the only time I need to check my SMS these days is when I get a ticket booking confirmation, but I assume , in the coming months, even that will happen on Whatsapp. The takeover by Facebook, has only increased Whatsapp ‘s image worldwide, with even more users registered in the Whatsapp ecosystem.

Download & Install WhatsApp on iPad without Jailbreak

As of today, Whatsapp is available on all major Platforms, be it Android, iOS, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone, even Symbian for that matter. While getting Whatsapp on phones is easy, there have been cases where people have voiced their desire to use Whatsapp on their iPads as well. The tried and tested method would be to jailbreak the iPad and directly place the app onto it, as the app store does not allow you to even download the whatsapp application from your iPad.

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Jailbreaking however, is risky business. If not done to perfection ,you risk losing not only the data on your iDevice, but also the device in entirety. There have been many cases where people have not followed the instructions properly and ended up bricking their expensive Apple devices. Also, Jailbreaking voids your warranty, so in case your device conks off in the middle of the process, lets just say, convincing Apple that the device just shut down on its own, is not very easy. What if I told you that there is a way to get your favourite chat client on your iPads without the necessity of a Jailbreak.

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In this article, I will tell you how to install and use Whatsapp on your iPad without Jailbreak –

First of all, let me tell you that only you are responsible for what you do to your device. Our job is to give you tips and tricks after confirming that the procedure works. However, god forbid, if anything does happen to your device, then only you are responsible for it. We at Classified Tricks will not be liable for any damage that may occur to your device. If these terms are acceptable to you , read on –

  • First up, head to Apple’s website and download iTunes. If you already have it, ignore this.
  • Next up, open iTunes and head to the store. Find and download the Whatsapp application. This is a no brainer, you just have to click on the download button, and depending on your internet speed, the download will be complete in a few seconds.
  • What you have done essentially, is downloaded the .ipa file containing Whatsapp onto your PC or Laptop. Now to get it onto your iPad.
  • Download the iFunbox software for your OS. iFunbox is basically a file manager for your Apple device and is compatible with Windows as well. So, go ahead and get hold of that software. Once you have downloaded and installed iFunbox, move on to the next step.


  • Next , go to the location where you have stored the .ipa file containing Whatsapp. The location varied for both Windows and Mac Users, so make sure you go to the right place. If you have saved the downloaded file to your desktop, then finding it will be a piece of cake.
  • Once you point your file to the iFunbox software, it will start installing Whatsapp onto your iPad. Wait for the installation process to finish. Once you see the Whatsapp icon on your iPad, plug out your iPad.
  • Next Whatsapp authentication requires you to have a Phone number registered. You will need to use an iPhone for this. Install Whatsapp on your iPhone and register your number on it. Next, plug in your iPhone to your computer device and open to the file manager. Head to this location – ‘Documents’, ‘’ . Copy the files here and then reconnect your iPad to the computer and paste the copied files to the same location in your iPad.

Thats all . You can now use Whatsapp on your iPad as well, and all this without using the more popular Jail;breaking option.

Do let us know if you tried this method and worked. Hope you found this article useful. Stay tuned for more such articles right here.

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