Protect your Facebook Pictures against Hackers

Facebook is the biggest social networking site in the world, and its only obvious that it receives and stores millions of pictures on a daily basis. Pictures are what enables people to really connect and even refresh their old fond memories. It all seems nice and sweet, except for one harsh reality – These very pictures can get hacked. Yes, the pictures you post everyday, neither have copyrights nor any security protocols. How then , can you keep your pictures safe from the malicious sharks encircling the web ?

Protect your Facebook Pictures against Hackers

Well, on the surface level, you can always tweak your share settings so that only your friends can see the images that you post. But what if you are one of those people who randomly likes adding new people to your network ?

In that case, the above solution will not work. You need something extra to keep your pictures safe, and that ‘ Extra ‘ is nothing but DMCA.

For those who dont know, DMCA or Digital Millennium Copyright Act , helps the original copyrighted holder to protect their work from being  used by the other people. The work can include anything from images to videos, even contents from your blog if need be. Anything you need to keep secure, DMCA is here for youTo top that, DMCA also lets you file a proper legal case against those who you think are stealing your work.

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The next thing that comes to mind is – How do I use this DMCA. Well its easy –

  • First things first, go and create an account on DMCA.dmca-login
  • One you create the DMCA account, its time to get yourself the facebook watermark tool.
  • Next you need to authorize DMCA to access your facebook profile and get hold of your images. fb-access
  • Once DMCA gets image access, you will be asked to choose the album you wish to protect.dmca-facebook-watermark-new
  • Once you have made your choice, hit the ‘ Watermark this album’ button .watermark

Basically, what happens is that all images in the selected album get the DMCA watermark, which keeps them safe from hackers online. DMCA has another offer though. If you are prepared to subscibe to their services, you can actually replace the DMCA watermark, with one of your own. Thats pretty good for those who like everything custom made.

This brings us to the end of this tutorial, if you found this tutorial useful, do comment, and share it with your fellow contacts, and help spread the word.

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