Retrieve Dismissed notifications on Android in a jiffy

Notifications have been part of phones form their very beginning. Everything from missed calls, new mails, even Sports updates are dealt with using notifications. However, notifications can also be very annoying at times. The best example would be whatsapp groups. The number of notifications you receive are so insanely high, that you choose to dismiss those notifications without even looking at them, but in the process, all other notifications get dismissed as well. But what if one of those notifications was of insanely large importance, maybe a mail from your boss, or a bill payment reminder, or maybe even an exciting offer online, and you just dismissed it , and now you don’t know how to get it back ?

Retrieve Dismissed notifications on Android in a jiffy

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No worries, just follow these steps and you will be just fine –

  • First of all, this tutorial is for devices running KitKat and Lollipop , but if any of you get it to work on any previous versions, do let me know.
  • Now that we have the formalities section checked, lets get started.
  • Long press an empty area on your home screen. This should bring up a small menu, which allows you to change your wallpaper, add widgets and handle device settings.lollipop-widgets
  • Tap the Widgets section. This will bring up a list of all available widgets on your device.
  • Scroll till you find the widget called ‘Settings Shortcut’.
  • Long press the ‘Settings Shortcut’ Widget to place it on your home screen.
  • The widget will then prompt you to select a category to link it with.
  • Select Notifications.

Do this and Voila! you will now have a list of all past notifications that were received on your device. Simple eh?

This tutorial is very useful for those who have the habit of blindly dimissing all notifications. Make sure this widget is on your homescreens just in case.

Stay tuned for more updates and tips and tricks right here.

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