Safety of Women Takes A Giant Leap With This App

Safety of Women Takes A Giant Leap With This App

The most pressing issue today, anywhere in the world is the safety of women. Lots of heinous crimes have taken place in the last one year alone, that has urged the governments to take some action against the criminals. While they are at it, the general public has not been quiet either. A lot of initiatives have been taken by the common man to ensure the safety of women. Even the developer society has contributed to the cause in their own way by designing various apps . Today we will look at the best safety app for women.

Say Hello to the SOS Stay safe app.

First up, this app is available on both iOS and Android.That should cover majority of the female population with smarphone access.

Why I recommend this app over others is because of the security features that come bundled with it –

    • You don’t need to search for the app to launch it. Just shake your device and voila!
    • The moment you shake your device, the app sends a text message to your SOS contacts alerting them of the situation and your current location.
    • Your exact location is sent via the app

How to set up the App ? Just follow these instructions –

  • Download the app from your respective app store.
  • Once installed, you will be told to confirm your mobile via a 4 digit secure pin.Safety of Women Takes A Giant Leap With This App
  • Once your number is verified, you have to set the shake limit. Usually the unit is in seconds.Safety of Women Takes A Giant Leap With This App
  • Once you set the desired shake limit, you will be taken to the app dashboard.

These simple steps will help you complete setting up the app in its entirety. ONce done, you can avail the services of this app by simply shaking your phone

The app makes use of GPS tracking in order to send your accurate location to the chosen SOS numbers, in case you are in any sort of danger.

All in all, the SOS app is a must have for everyone, but more importantly, for the women out there. The app doesn’t necessarily mean you will be 100% safe, but atleast you will get help faster than before.

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