Save New Data On Your iCloud Space By Clearing Up Data

The next big thing in the tech world is Cloud storage. All the three big players – Apple , Android and Microsoft have their own Cloud storage clients. Basically, a ‘ Cloud ‘ is like a virtual hard drive. You can use it to store almost anything you want to on there. Accessing items from the cloud is easy as well. However, the biggest problem, in cloud storage is the amount of storage space available. Usually, as a promotional campaign, you are allotted some standard space on the cloud when you purchase either an Apple device, and Android device, or even a Windows phone device. Once that runs out, you have to pay to get an extension.

How to Free Up iCloud Space to Save New Data

This article puts focus on the iCloud service. Usually, when people start storing items on their iCloud, they do it all guns blazing. Little do they realise that once the space runs out, they have two options – Either pay and get more storage, or clear up some space on your existing cloud storage. Most people resort to the the payment option since they have no idea how to clear up space on their iCloud storage. I will tell you exactly how to clear up storage on your iCloud and use it to store more data.

Lets get started –

  • First , grab hold of your iDevice.
  • Next tap settings and head to the iCloud option.

iOS Settings

  • Tap on Numbers to view how many apps are running and consuming space.


  • Tap the edit button from the top right corner of the screen.
  • After that, all you have to do is scroll thorugh the menu and identify the apps or files you don’t require and delete them. In case, you feel that all of the files on your iCloud are unnecessary, you can just head all the way down the menu and choose delete all.

Thats all there is to it. You will now have an empty iCloud storage , ready to accept any new data you may want to add to it. Hope you have found this article informative.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, do let us know, and stay tuned for more Tech tips , right here.

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