Set up the Fingerprint lock on the Galaxy S5 – Piece of cake

Ever since smartphones came into being, the top priority has been to keep the device safe. In the earlier days, before the smartphones were even existing, the phones were totally basic. The maximum you could store were your contacts and messages. However, nowadays, with the dawn of smartphones, people can store anything on their devices. The world as we know isn’t a perpetual one, with everyone leading an honest life.

Set up the Fingerprint lock on the Galaxy S5

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Every once in a while,a leech comes out from amongst the crowd and threatens to endanger everyone’s personal life by merely typing a few lines of computer code and getting complete access to all the data on the target’s smartphone device. But that is something inevitable, and manufacturers are taking care that the newer devices have better security protocols. But what about the people close to you. Take an example – Say someone who has a grudge against you gets access to your phone. Just imagine the amount of damage he can do by simply erasing all the data you have on your device. Ofcourse, you could argue that there are features like the pattern lock, passcode and even Screen tap pattern which can help keep your device safe. Honestly speaking , its very easy to figure out either of those patterns. There is one security feature however, which is practically fool-proof, and thats the fingerprint lock. The only way to unlock the device is to scan your fingerprint. Now, not many phones have this feature, but it won’t be long before they get it too.

In this article, I will focus on the Galaxy S5, and how you can set up the fingerprint lock feature on it to keep your device safe. Lets get right to it –

  • Go to the Setting option on your Galaxy S5.galaxy-s5-fingerprint-settings-300x169
  • Tap the lock screen icon
  • Once you are looking at the menu, select Fingerprint
  • Tap Ok to proceed and get your fingerprint scanned
  • Select the alternative unlock mechanism in case the fingerprint scanner goes bust
  • Click Continue

Thats it !!

You have now secured your Galaxy S5 with the most fool-proof locking mechanism and in effect, saved your data from peril.

Hope you found this article useful. Stay tuned for more right here.

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