Silence your Windows Phone in a Flash

Silence your Windows Phone in a Flash

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When Windows Phone 8 hit the market, there was a huge sigh of relief for those who suffered the wrath of the highly embarrassing Windows Phone 7 OS. But even then, the new OS was lacking several, very essential features. Firstly, there was no customisation facility, the most you could do was change the color of the tiles. There were no quick toggles, no notification centre, and most of all, a dismal number of apps. Even turning the WiFi on/off was a hassle. But what bugged me even more was the fact that there were no volume bars for adjusting different notification sounds. But all this changed with the dawn of Windows 8.1. Now, everything you were wishing for is now available in this new Windows iteration, with more improvements on the way. In this tutorial, I will tell you how to quickly silence your Windows Phone device, probably even faster than the Android and iOS counterparts.

Lets get right to it –

  • First of all, to access your volume bars, all you have to do press your volume up or volume down button. You will be greeted by a host of different volume control bars. Once you are in the volume menu, hit the arrow on the top right to access advanced options.volume-bar-expanded-callout_InvariantCulture_Default
  • Tap on the sounds you wish to mute. Lets take a simple example – Suppose you want to mute the ringer alone, then all you have to do is tap the bell icon below the Ringer category. Voila! your phone has now been silenced. To add to that, you can even silence other categories of sounds as well, all you have to do is tap the bell icons corresponding to the respective category.Silence your Windows Phone in a Flash
  • Finally, there’s one more thing to add – Vibration. Yes, this little bugger can disturb your newly earned peace. There’s a simple fix to that. There’s a little print in fine line right below the volume bars, which reads ‘Vibrate’. Just tap it and enjoy complete silence. Easy Stuff!

This is how you turn your Windows device silent faster than you can say “silence”. Stay tuned for more updates and tips and tricks.

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