Smartphones That Just Don’t Fit The Bill

Now that a good part of the year is done, and many phones have hit the shelves, you will see a lot of articles telling you what phones are your best options. There are not many sources out there to tell you what phones are just a wasted investment. Today, I am going to tell you exactly what phones you must avoid , if you are looking out for new devices.


The MWC saw a lot of companies launch their flagships which were top notch, but Sony was missing out. But, when they did release their Z4 device, they played a rude prank by making it Japan exclusive, which might just mean that it’s not their official flagship. LG will also be unveiling their G4 flagship in the coming days, so we can’t really comment on that one. However, if the spec sheet is anything to go by, I wouldn’t expect it to threaten the Galaxy line up one bit. Then we have the case of Apple, who will bring out new gadgets later this year. But that’s for future articles to capture. Right now, lets start with existing devices that don’t really add up.

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Starting off with the Microsoft/Lumia lineup. The folks at Microsoft were in spawn mode, as they released loads of devices to make up for their backlog, but as they say, too many cooks spoil the broth. That is just what happened to the Microsoft lineup. Though the Lumia 530 and 630 were decent performers, they were quickly overshadowed by the Lumia 535. True, Microsoft did confirm that phones with 512 MB RAM would also receive updates, its always good to have at least a gig of RAM on board. So , if you are a Windows Phone supporter, it would be wise to ignore all the aforementioned phones and put in a few grands more and go for the Lumia 532 instead.

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Commenting on Apple is tough since they have only a limited lineup, and when it comes to India, its overpriced, and more of a style statement. However, if you want to go for an Apple device, it would be wiser to go for the latest in the market. Although, the phones are heavily outclassed by their Android opposition, going for Apple’s latest is you only safe option, though the 5S doesn’t do too bad on its own either.


Coming to Android. HTC has been going for all price segments these days, and the device they picked to take on the absolute entry level domain is the HTC Desire 310. HTC made a wise choice to give their entry level devices the ‘ Desire ‘ badge, as it would most likely increase their brand value. As far as the Desire 310 goes, it comes equipped with a 5MP/1080p camera and a stunning Quad Core processor. Why is it not recommended then ? Well, its limited to just Android 4.2, which is an absolute deal breaker who prefers the latest OS on their device. Also, the RAM storage varies between 1GB and 512 MB, depending on the region, making it an inconsistent choice.


Korean Smartphone giants LG also released supposed LG G3 lookalikes, called the L Bello and the L Fino. Now, when it comes to looks, they may resemble their flagship predecessor, but in other aspects, they just don’t live up to the legacy. Both screens have a weak pixel density of 200 ppi, while the Fino’s 8 MP camera can only record upto 480p quality. The Bello does go up to 1080p recording but that feature is absolutely wasted on the 5″ 480 x 854px screen.

You also have the L Leon, which is basically an improved L Fino, with Android 5.0 and a 5MP or 8MP camera with 1080p video. However, for a few grands more, you could settle for the L Spirit, which gets you a 720p display. However, if you want a real return on your investment, abandon all these and go for the Moto G (2014).

Even Samsung’s devices aren’t spared here. The sheer variety of devices means that there is bound to be some friendly fire amongst them. First up, we have the Galaxy A3, which touts its metal frame with pride, but when you see the Xperia Z1 beside it , you know the latter is a better choice. The Z1 may be old, but it was a flagship grade device back in the day.

The Galaxy E7 is a budget phablet, but when you get a metal clad Huawei Ascend G7 for a lesser amount, I don’t know why people would go for the E7.


The Galaxy A5 is the mid device in the A-series lineup. However, it gets easily outdone by the Galaxy Alpha, for the simple reason that the Alpha comes with overall better specs. The Galaxy A7 on the other hand is in quite a spot, since its trying to snatch the crown from the Note 3, and as of today, its attempts haven’t borne fruit.

The HTC One Lineup has been suffering blows ever since their inception a few years ago. Though the first ever HTC One device was a rockstar, the camera and chipset just won’t cut it in today’s world. It’s successor, the M8 had one of the most disappointing flagship cameras to date. While the new HTC M9 may not be much of an upgrade over the M8, the only reason you should probably go for it if you are an HTC fan is the improved camera. However, if you want an HTC device, you should look at the HTC Desire Eye lineup instead.

Finally, we have Blackberry. The Blackberry Passport device has been getting some attention but its rather unconventional design makes it a bit difficult to handle , while the business-like feel, isn’t for the entire population. BlackBerry isn’t a premium name anymore and there’s generally no reason to pay top dollar for it. If you have specific needs that are tied to the BlackBerry platform, then a Z10 or Q5 can work just as well.

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