Snapchat is starting Real Life, an online magazine about technology

The new feature digital magazine called ‘Real Life’ has been announced today by Snapchat Company. According to the Real Life Editor-in-chief Nathan Jurgenson’s blog post, the ‘Real Life’ present’s “Essays, arguments, and narratives about living with technology instead of focusing on the news of the industry”.

Snapchat is starting up a Digital Magazine about Technology

One more new thing is that Real Life’s publication will live on the website, not in the smartphones applications. Nathan Jurgenson also says that Real Life magazine will publish one piece of writing each working day, “though we may eventually expand to other mediums & formats as well.” That kind of intonation lines up perfectly with Snapchat Discover, the part of the Snapchat app where a number of publications offer up new content every day.

Meet the Real Life’s Senior editors – Rob Horning, Alexandra Molotkow, and Sarah Nicole Prickett and Soraya King is the Managing editor. In the post of Jurgenson, the site publication will launch on 27th of June with the team of writers.

Source – Real Life

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