Some Interesting & Useful Tips Tricks For Google Chrome Users

Google’s Chrome browser is full of shortcuts and hidden functions. And Now we all know that Google Chrome is the world’s most used & popular web browser by defeating Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. However, you use Google Chrome browser daily, But I’m 100% sure you wouldn’t know about its lots of funny, interesting, useful tips & tricks. So, In this article we will show you some Google Chrome’s interesting, funny and useful tips.

Funny, Interesting & Useful Tips For Google Chrome Users

» Useful Tips & Tricks

First of all, I’m going to show you some of the Google Chrome tips & tricks that may be proven useful to its users. Take a look on each of them:

1. Use Google Chrome’s Task Manager to manage your tabs

Use Google Chrome's Task Manager to manage your tabs

You may used task manager in your Windows computer but have you ever thought that Google Chrome also comes with its own task manager. On Google Chrome’s task manager you can check the CPU usage, memory usage and even the data usage by each one tab. You can easily end the process of any tab whenever required. To open the task manager in Chrome browser, press Shift+Esc.

2. Use Chrome browser as a notepad or HTML editor

Use Chrome browser as a notepad or HTML editor

Although, this trick is not specially for Google Chrome. But, I found this useful for Chrome users that’s why I listed here. So, if you want to use your Chrome and Firefox or any other HTML 5 compatible browser as notepad or HTML editor, then just paste the following code in the address bar & start typing on the screen.

data:text/html,<html contenteditable>

3. Use Google Chrome as Scientific Calculator

Use Google Chrome as scientific calculator

It’s not only specifically that only Google Chrome  can be used as a calculator, any browser can be used as a calculator. And its useful therefore, listed here.

To use your Google Chrome as a scientific calculator, Right Click on the screen → Click on Inspect Element → then click on Console tab. Or you can directly press shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + J to open Console. Here you can make any type of calculations just like as in a scientific calculator.

For example :

Math.sqrt(144) + Math.pow(2, 6) 
Math.log(10000, 10) 

4. Enable Voice Search

Google Voice

If you don’t like to type your queries to search things on Google, then you can simply enable the voice search for your Google Chrome very easily. For this, you will need to turn on OK Google option from your chrome browser settings. To enable voice search, just Go to your Chrome browser settings → Tick on Enable “OK Google” to start voice search. That’s it! Now microphone icon will be shown in the Browser Search Bar so that you can easily search things by giving your voice commands.

5: Browse Offline

Browse Offline

You might be thinking that how is it possible to browse websites in Google Chrome when you’re offline. Yes, it is 100% possible! You can view the pages of websites & blogs you previously accessed in Chrome. For this, you’ll have to Enable Show Saved Copy button from Chrome’s experimental flags settings page. Go to chrome://flags,  look for “Enable Show Saved Copy button” and select Enabled. Then Restart browser for changes to be applied.

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» Interesting & Funny Tips Tricks

Above you learned some useful tips & tricks of Google Chrome. Now, its time to have some fun with Google Chrome. Here’re some interesting & funny tricks for Chrome users.

1. Play Game on Google Chrome when you’re offline

Play Game In Google Chrome

Did your know your Google Chrome browser has a hidden game. You can play this game when you’re offline. So, anytime when you’re disconnected with your Internet, you can play this game in your Chrome browse. You don’t have to do anything to start this game, when you’re offline, you will see dinosaur icon so all you need to do just press the space bar & the dinosaur will start running. You just have to save dinosaur from obstacles.

2. Use Chrome as music or video player

Play Music or Video in Google Chrome

It’s another interesting trick for Google Chrome users. Did You know Google Chrome can be used as a video or music player. So, if you don’t have a music or video player in your computer, you can easily use Google Chrome as a media player. All you need to do is drag & drop the music or video files to your Google Chrome browser’s address bar & it will start playing the file instantly.

So there were some Interesting, Funny & Useful tips for google chrome users. Do share your views with us. And If you have any further queries or questions to be asked on this article, feel free to ask. We would like to interact with you regarding your queries and questions. Your suggestions and feedback are always welcomed.


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