SoundPeats QY7 Bluetooth Earphones Review

First of all your Welcome if you search for the review for SoundPeats QY7 Bluetooth Earphones and landing on 😛 & if you’re regular visitor then you too  Welcome for my new review. SoundPeats QY7 was launched in last year but still it is pretty good earphone. I just bought it from for Rs.1599 because the price listed on the box is Rs.3999. So if you wanted to buy it just don’t go the shops get it from or If you want to buy it then you can check below there will be amazon & flipkart buttons after reading my review. And also check out clicks of SoundPeats QY7 Bluetooth Earphones below So lets get started..

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After using of two-three days first thing I just realize that this is the best budget oriented Bluetooth wireless in-ear earphones for those peoples who daily workout.


We will talk about its sound quality later because its best advantage is comfort. Yes, guys if you this wear only for 2-3 mins you will not feel that you are wearing it. So, in comfort it is a Comfortable plus this earphones also comes with extra ear tips so if default one is not comfortable for you then you can change it to other ones. You can also use SoundPeats QY7 Earphone while you are out for jogging & running on treadmill etc. This one is best for gym & jogging.


About Sound quality is also pretty good. They don’t have any noice or sound cancellation. Plus they comes with good powerful bass its a good thing. Sound Quality also extremely good but if you’re walking in public on road then you can’t hear the outside voice so we have to careful that’s the good thing and bad thing. I feel in generally using when workout that’s great for that because i also did use this while workout & running on treadmill and its working perfectly.

Battery Life

SoundPeats QY7 earphones battery life is like sort of average for like Bluetooth earphones like this and the good thing about is that it charges fast approximately in half hour. Battery on use is only 5 hours which is not excellent i would say but on standby 175 hours which is again not bad also.

Performance & Features

So, There are also integrated additional functions like MIC also so you can also take incoming calls directly via earphones. I am reviewing this product on my usage so i’ve used this on my device and took some long calls also for 20-25 mins and it was working fine. Still there are more aspects in SoundPeats QY7 like QY7 earphones support Bluetooth 4.1, you can change the tracks and also change the volume & we already talked about taking calls, you can also take calls.

SoundPeats QY7 earphones also support Bluetooth 4.1 it has a rechargeable battery that last for about 4.5 hrs and I’ve share my experienced with SoundPeats QY7 and as I said earlier that this is the best budget oriented Bluetooth earphone i ever experienced means according to price Rs.1599 with features & functions like this is obviously worth it. So if you wanted to buy this then please do use our link by just clicking on button below.



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