This is How You Drastically Improve Video Streaming on your Windows PC

Windows PC owners may have had this difficulty in some point of their time with their beloved computer. I am talking about slow video streaming. Many people have been complaining about how the video lags immensely, even though they have a super fast internet connection. I myself faced the same problem a few months back.

How To Improve Video Streaming Speed On Windows PC

For those who don’t know, all video streaming websites require that your PC has the latest version of Flash player installed in order to get the best streaming results. Also, you need to have a stable internet connection in place because the video has to be temporarily downloaded on your  System before it can be played on the same. If you have both the aforementioned components and you are still facing video streaming problems, then you have indeed, come to the right place. In this article, I will tell you how you can fix this video streaming menace, once and for all , and enjoy your favorite videos without a single hiccup.

Lets get started –

  • Then , search for the video you want to watch, and load it into your browser. Once the video has loaded and is ready to play, right click on the video and click on the Settings option.
  • Check the Enable Hardware Acceleration option in the settings tab.
  • Next, click on the small folder like icon you will see on the tab.
  • You will now see a slider which will let you determine the space you want to dedicate to downloading the videos temporarily on your system.. Set the bar to unlimited.

That’s all there is to it.. You will now see a pronounced improvement in your video streaming. Hope you found this article useful. Stay tuned for more such articles right here.

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