This is Why Computer Program is a must have asset

Off late, the market is the IT boom state. No matter what course students take up, they eventually end up learning atleast the basics of Computer Programming to stay level with the market requirement.

This is Why Computer Program is a must have asset

But thats not only why people study computer programming. In this  article, I will tell you a few more reasons as to why computer programming is in vogue nowadays.

  • Programming teaches you life lessons – Yes, as weird as it sounds, computer programming does indeed teach you some very valuable lessons in life . Normally, people like to live in the false paradise of a problem free world, but when you write your  first program and the compiler points out a miniscule error, you are immediately brought back to reality. Plus, once the error is indeed pointed out, there is no way the program will work unless you correct it. The only way you can catch the error is by persevering and going through your code line by line. Also, it teaches you to open up to people for help. Sometimes, there are errors you really can’t debug. In such cases the only way out is to ask other programmers for help, which in turn teahces you a bit about team work as welll.
  • Programming teaches you how to tackle problems – In case you have read any book on programing, you will notice that the first thing they ever teach you in the book is to look at your problems in a systematic way. The method of Flowchart- Algorithm-Program is very handy while solving problem in the programming world as well as the real world.
  • Programming is like learning a foreign language – While learning a forign language makes it easy to communicate in that particular country, learning computer programming language, helps you converse a lot more easily with your computer. So, its not just for the hackers and geeks, computer programming is for everyone.
  • Programming adds sizzle to your CV – When you stand in line durig your job interview, you will notice that everyone else has a similar CV and that means , you will have to work that much harder to impress the hiring party. However, if your CV points out that you have at least basic programming skills, it makes a completely different impression in front of the hiring squad.
  • Keeps you up to date in the tech world – Take this simple example – suppose you have an android device, if you are just any other smartphone user, you won’t really look into the details. Thats completely alright. The problem arises when you are indeed a tech freak, but a misinformed one. Thats where programming skills come in. A little knowledge about computer programming is enough to make you understand the in and out of your device.
  • As a fun Hobby – There is common misconception that programming is only for hardcore programmers and hackers. But thats not the case. Programming can be used for fun as well. To be honest, there is nothing you can’t accomplish with programming.
  • Programming is all around us – Everything around us these days has gone Digital, and when we say digital, next in line comes programming. Things like Facebook, Twitter, Flipkart, etc, may look nice and polished on the outside, but all that is brought about by thousands of lines of code. See what I mean ?
  • Enhances Overall skill set – You may be someone who has mastered a hundred different things, but whats the point if can’t channelise them to full effect ? Programming not only makes you more alret, it also improves your intuition and knack of using the right talent at the right time.
  • Helps Troubleshoot website problems – A mediocre programmer will instantly freak out if his website encounters an error, no matter how small. Thats why , according to me, you should be at either end of the spectrum – Normal human or Hardcore programmer. There is no value for a mediocre programmer.
  • Programmers can change the world – Programmers have the ability to build new , amazing things faster than ever before. Anyone who has an active imagination should learn to code . Don’t worry, this is not my statement, rather this is what Jeff Wilkes of Amazon thinks.

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