Top 5 Best Sport Streaming Sites To Watch Matches Online

Top 5 Best Sport Streaming Sites To Watch Matches Online

College students, especially the hostel inhabitants, have many complaints, be it the slow WiFi, negligible class of living or even the horrible mess food, but above all this lies a fundamental problem for modern student – Missing his favorite Sporting Main events. The youth runs on sports these days, and it’s become an insatiable hunger, which needs to be constantly controlled. This problem applies even to those who are working away from home for a long time, but can’t live without watching their favorite Sport. Well, the problem just came to an end. Here I have 5 sites which should suit the purpose of satiating that insatiable hunger for sports when you don’t have TV access around.

Lets go –

  • #5 – WatchESPN – In an ideal world, this would be the site I would most recommend to my peers out there, because not only does this site give you amazing content, it’s also the first site which gets updated with the latest content. But sadly, this service is US exclusive, so it had to take the no.5 slot.
  • #4 – FromHot – Well, the only reason this is above watch ESPN is the fact that you can actually select the sport of your choice and the time zone, so you practically have access to the latest in sports in your region. The disadvantage, a Horrendous amount of ads. This site will practically drive you insane with the number of ads. However, if you manage to close them out, you can watch your favorite content in peace.
  • #3 – – This is the site to visit if you are a fan of nonmajor sports like table tennis, volleyball etc.  The good thing is that this site has got broadcasting rights to practically all the nonmajor sports out there. The website itself is quite simple to use. This is again not region exclusive, which is a good thing. Keep in mind that this is for nonmajor sports only. Don’t visit this site if you are a fan of the most popular sports.
  • #2 – FirstRow Sports – This website has a good database of sports, and you will definitely find all the live sporting action here. The site is easy to use, and the major selling point is the sheer amount of streaming options it provides. Give this website a swing, it will not disappoint.
  • #1 – VIP league – This is arguably the best online streaming website for sports. You name the sport, they will have it ( at least 80 % of times ). The video quality is good, and its available globally with 7 language options.

These are my top 5 streaming websites, if you have a different list, I would love to hear from you. Just leave a comment in the comment section.

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