[Tutorial] Remotely End Facebook And Gmail Sessions

As we all know that nowadays everyone has Facebook and Gmail account. Millions of people use their’s Facebook, Gmail and all other related Google services on daily basis, to check theirs emails and messages. And most of people don’t have custom to use theirs Facebook & Gmail Accounts on own devices, sometimes they open their Facebook or Gmail account on friends computer or at any public places. And here what happens most of time people forget to log out their account from that public place. And obviously it can be forgetfulness.

Remotely End Facebook And Gmail Sessions

So if you left an important personal account like your Facebook or Gmail account logged in on any public computer like cyber cafe, there are ways to rescue yourself before your information is compromised, or before it falls into the wrong hands like prankster or anyone else. So today i will show you how to remotely log out your Facebook and Gmail account.

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Below is a complete step by step process to log out your Facebook & Gmail  sessions remotely.

• Remotely Log Out Of Facebook

To remotely log out of Facebook follow simple steps :

1. Go to your Account Settings and Click Security.

2. Scroll down and you will see all active sessions listed by platforms (Desktop & Mobiles). Expand the Desktop list and choose which session you want to log out of by clicking End Activity next to it.

Facebook Remotely-Sessions-End

3. That’s it.

• Remotely Log  Out Gmail

Gmail offers the easiest way to remotely log out of any active sessions.

1. Login into your Gmail account.

2. Now scroll down to the bottom of your inbox, there you will see a option “Details” at the bottom right corner.

3. Click on Details button.

4. New window will open with complete details of your active Gmail sessions.


5. Simply click on “Sign out all other web sessions” you will be signed out of every web browser that you’re logged into.

6. That’s it.

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So this was all about how to log out all your active Facebook & Gmail sessions remotely. This is an awesome feature from Gmail & Facebook which helps you to secure your account in any case you forget to logout it at any public place. And If you have any further queries or questions to be asked on this article, feel free to ask. We would like to interact with you regarding your queries and questions. Your suggestions and feedback are always welcomed.

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