Use WordPress for Distraction Free Writing

How to Enable Distraction Free Writing on WordPress

Content writing is very fast becoming a source of secondary income for many people all over the world. The vast array of topics available to write on lures even the most novice of writers to have a go at this profession. However, while the job may look easy, it actually isn’t. The job of content writing requires the person to really focus and come up with original material. For that to happen, the most important thing for any content writer is focus. Sometimes, even something as small as the ringing of a phone can break your focus. Just imagine what notifications on your computer can do to your focus in that case. This article will tell you how you can keep aside all your distractions and really go full throttle into writing your article.

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Lets get started –

  • First of all, for this to work, you need to have a blog on WordPress.
  • If you don’t have one, just visit the WordPress website and create one.
  • You can also port you blogs from other clients to WordPress. This ensures that your previous posts don’t go to waste.

Once you done any one of the above mentioned steps, we can now explore one of the most awesome features in WordPress. Say hello to the Distraction Free writing feature. What this feature does is it clouds out all the unnecessary components on the page which may lead to distractions. So, without more build up, lets get right down to business.

  • Open you blog dashboard, and select Add New Post.
  • Once you do that, you will be greeted by the empty page template where you can start writing.


  • Just before you start writing your material, hover to the toolbar of the page template.
  • Click on the Distraction Free writing button under the Text button.
  • The unnecessary bars on your wordpress will get hidden for the time being.
  • Additionally , you can put your browser on Fullscreen to get an even better distraction free experience.

Well, thats all there is to it. Just a click of a button and all your distractions are off. Just another perk of having a WordPress blog I guess.

Hope you found this article informative. Stay tuned for more such articles right here.

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